Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator† - Bottle w Black Cap


The coolest shaker on the planet now comes with a black closer!

Why? Many of our loyal customers buy both our caffeinated and stimulant-free Oh!mino powders. This way you can tell which is which! (kind of like the coffee pots at restaurants that have orange spouts for decaf and regualr spouts for reguara caffeinated coffee).

This bottle is BPA free, ergonomically designed, and belongs in your hands!

Buy the bottle, then take our "Healthy Selfie" challenge and email that to info!oh-nutrition.com.

It's time to change the conversation...and sometimes it starts with something as simple as a bottle.


If you already have two red closure bottles, email founder@oh-nutrition.com and we will send you a free black closure...you just pay shipping.


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