Science Behind Oh!mino®

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The Science Behind Oh!mino®- Overview

Everybody wants more in life. You came to this site because you not only want more muscle, you want more scientific facts about Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator. So let’s dig in!

Oh!mino — our amino acid supplement — is backed by science!

First, your muscles are in a constant state of change. At any given time, you are either in atrophy (muscle decline) or is muscle synthesis (muscle growth). The graph below is a good visual representing the fact that when your body is at rest, your muscles are in decline. When you exercise, your muscle is being broken down. But, when you rest or exercise with optimized amino acids, your muscles are in growth mode!*

science behind oh-mino 

Science Behind Oh!mino

What the graph doesn’t show, is that after exercise, your muscles repair themselves and grow. To gain more growth, bodybuilders and athletes have taken protein supplements to accelerate this growth.


Essential amino acids support muscle growth!

To optimize this muscle process, it is critical to eat right and move regularly to sir and promote muscle usage. For some, they take on bodybuilding, others take on yoga, cycling, hiking, while for others it is team sports, and for the elites athletes, it is a combination of all the above. It’s all good!

science behind oh-mino

Protein and Optimized Amino Acid Supplementation

When people are talking about protein, there are a few thoughts that come to mind. First, make protein an important part of your diet. Protein is the most important element for health and performance. For supplements, protein powders are good, but Oh!mino is better! It is optimized essential amino acids — the whole reason why you would want to supplement with protein in the first place!

A step back: The reason protein helps with your muscles is the fact that the building blocks of protein are…wait for it….amino acids! And the patented amino acid complex found in Oh!mino, has been found to be 11 times more effective at achieving muscle proteins synthesis as whey protein.*


Oh!mino®Improves Muscle Synthesis in Every Body Type*

Muscle synthesis in your body is most efficient when there are free essential amino acids in your blood plasma.* Your body is able to adapt to differences in protein intake, but it needs free amino acids for improved muscle synthesis and effective control of your metabolism. Taking essential amino acid supplements have been shown to effectively raise plasma amino acid levels in both young and elderly people, which sets the stage for ideal muscle synthesis.*

science behind oh-mino

Oh!mino®Improves Muscle Synthesis in Every Body Type*

Additionally, research has found that muscle synthesis is best when essential amino acid supplements do not contain non-essential amino acids, which is precisely why the Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex contains only essential amino acids and one semi-essential amino acid – glycine.*

When compared to whey protein, Oh!mino’s Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex is 11 times more effective at promoting protein synthesis.*  On average, a 20 gram serving of whey protein contains eight to 10 grams of essential amino acids. Whey protein has gained its superior reputation against other protein sources such as soy, casein, or eggs, in part because of this relatively high essential amino acid content and its high BCAA content.

However, when whey protein is compared to Oh!mino essential amino acid content per scoop, one serving of Oh!mino is equivalent to over 30 grams of protein – three times more essential amino acids than whey protein.* Additionally, ideal protein synthesis occurs when there are free amino acid concentrations in the plasma, which is lessened by the caloric properties of whey protein.* 


With regards to BCAAs, the lack of the other six essential amino acids have proven to be insufficient for optimal protein synthesis. A recent study found that “ingesting BCAAs alone, without the other EAA, provides limited substrate for protein synthesis.”*

Not only does Oh!mino contain all nine essential amino acids ideal for protein synthesis, but this supplement is also balanced in the appropriate ratios. Furthermore, the other included factors in Oh!mino’s complex help speed up recovery, reduce inflammation from overexertion, and enhance absorption.* 

Muscle synthesis in your body is most efficient when there are free essential amino acids in your blood plasma.* Your body is able to adapt to differences in protein intake, but it needs free amino acids for improved muscle synthesis and effective control of your metabolism. Taking essential amino acid supplements have been shown to effectively raise plasma amino acid levels in both young and elderly people, which sets the stage for ideal muscle synthesis.*



NASA Finds The Ratios of Essential Amino Acid Supplementation Found in Oh!mino®Limits Muscle Wasting in Sedentary Individuals

Research demonstrates that essential amino acid supplementation not only limits muscle wasting but can also improve muscle growth for individuals on bedrest, the worst possible scenario for muscle growth. This has huge implications because it means those who are limited in mobility can be protected by the Oh!mino supplement.

In two studies supported by NASA and conducted by scientists from The University of Texas Medical Branch, researchers established that essential amino acid supplementation robustly stimulated net muscle protein synthesis even when subjects were put on bedrest. These studies were done to find what would correct the effects of inactivity due to spaceflight, illness, injury, or aging. 

Without movement or activity, your body begins to quickly lose muscle mass. This loss of body mass is primarily due to a change in protein turnover, which includes:

  • Increase in protein degradation
  • A decrease in protein synthesis


Together, these create the perfect storm for weakness, muscle wasting, and an increased risk for disease, and illness. However, through proper supplementation with a balanced essential amino acid complex, the deleterious effects of a sedentary life can be ameliorated.


 Here are key findings from these two studies:

  • Taking essential amino acids at the ratios found in Oh!mino®produces a rapid, several-fold increase in plasma amino acid levels.*
  • Essential amino acid supplementation stimulates overall muscle synthesis better on its own than when mixed in a solution or meal containing other non-essential amino acids (protein powder).*
  • Taking an essential amino acid supplement without the presence of carbohydrates or proteins produces a more potent muscle synthesis response.*
  • Essential amino acids without added carbohydrates or proteins won’t increase insulin and therefore are great for anyone worried about insulin resistance or glycemic effects.*
  • Essential amino acid supplementation can preserve muscle mass loss due to bedrest.*
  • In one of these studies, there was an actual increase in type 1 muscle fibers in the bedrest group who took the essential amino acid supplement. 


Oh!mino’s essential amino acid complex is effective for the worst possible scenarios of inactivity due to bedrest, illness, aging or a sedentary lifestyle.* Through the application of the essential amino acid ratios used in these two studies and others, scientists at Oh!mino developed their patented essential amino acid complex. These findings indicate that essential amino acid supplementation must be included in the conversation on health and wellness through supporting protein synthesis.

Balanced Electrolytes in Oh!mino®Improve Performance and Hydration

It is well-studied that balanced electrolytes improve performance, training, competition, and recovery.  Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that circulate in your body. You need electrolytes to exist in a delicate balance to maintain a homeostasis of water and pH level within your body. You also need electrolytes to move nutrients and wastes throughout your cells effectively. Your brain, muscles, and heart are especially reliant on proper electrolyte balance. 

The balanced electrolytes in Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex also makes it an ideal hydration product. Through directing water into areas needed most, the electrolytes in Oh!mino work to keep you hydrated during exercise or even at rest.* Most electrolyte fortified drinks and supplements merely contain the two cheapest electrolytes – sodium and potassium. However, your body needs all five electrolytes in the correct ratios to effectively support hydration.

Oh!minoMuscle Synthesis Activator Complex includes all five fully-balanced electrolytes for better performance, hydration,  and overall well-being, including:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Oh!mino®Brand Promise

Oh!mino is dedicated to providing the next generation in performance supplements with our patented proprietary Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex with essential amino acids. This is a science-backed formulation with multiple peer-reviewed clinical studies. Each of Oh!mino®’s beneficial elements are contained in a balanced blend for optimal muscle synthesis, muscle growth, and tissue repair.* Oh!mino®’s patented essential amino acid complex and electrolytes have been carefully selected to improve and repair damage due to exercise, overexertion, and daily wear and tear life brings, while supporting overall health for both active and inactive individuals alike.*