An Important Personal Message (& Workout Challenge) From Michael, Founder of Oh!mino

After I give you my FREE 7 Day Challenge for revolutionizing your workout, you’ll experience superior muscle growth and faster recovery times then you ever thought possible. AND everyone at the gym will want to know EXACTLY what your are taking -- In fact, you may want to keep it a secret so you can completely blow their minds when you shatter all of your previous records.

Listen, I want to challenge you to try Oh!mino for 7 days FREE - all I ask is that your cover the shipping. Why? Because this is the next gen supplement you have been waiting for. It’s the secret to success that personal trainers, coaches, and pro athletes will be using to fuel their growth in 2019. And I want you to experience just how amazing this formula is for yourself.

So here’s the challenge, go figure out your max for any given workout or fitness activity and then take Oh!mino 20 minutes before, during your workout to keep you hydrated, and after your workout to speed your recovery. If, after 7 days (4 workouts), you haven’t beat your max, I’ll refund you what you paid in shipping. If your like me, you already know where your max let’s get to it!

I could tell you about the studies done by NASA that found that the EXACT ratios of Essential Amino Acids found in Oh!mino® can actually LIMIT muscle wasting for those on bed rest (this is beyond sedentary individuals .. so just picture what it can do for you, an active fitness lover). I could tell you about the how the balanced electrolytes improve performance, stamina, and hydration. Or how it is 11 times more effective in muscle growth than protein! I could drone on about how this formula is the pinnacle of research and testing to create something that ACTUALLY works.

But instead of going on and on about, beating you over the head with the science, I’m going to challenge you to TRY it! Nothing I can say is going to convince you more than actually seeing the results this awesome product will give you.

And I know you’re going to see amazing results. Not just because I have seen them myself, but because every day we get new “personal best” stories from fitness lovers just like you telling us how glad they are they took the challenge.

Like Carlos, a 68 year old man from Hawaii, who said this during his 7-Day Challenge:

“Yes I have noticed an increase of stamina, my reps have been an easy transition and I've slowly increased my plate adds. Being 68, I've been very pleased with all the progress reached so far. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test drive your Oh!mino!”

Carlos, 68 Year Old

Can you imagine experience results like that? And he’s 68!

Or maybe you’ll see results like Shearill, a personal trainer in California:

“I’ve been a fitness expert for the last 20 years, and I am constantly looking for new innovations to improve the fitness, health, speed, and agility for me and my clients. When I started using Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis activator I saw the results within the first week. Just so you know, when I workout, I go hardcore! With Oh!mino® I would play competitive basketball with everything that I had in me, and then I would have the energy to then hit the weight room and hit heavy rotations. In my 25 years of personal fitness, I was never able to do both. This product works…my muscle endurance, cardio endurance, and overall physicality improved so fast.”

Shearill, Personal Trainer

Or maybe you’re like Daffnee, or Alec, or Aylssa, or Jamie, or any number of our customers who all tried Oh!mino and now can’t imagine their workouts without it.

And look, Oh!mino is everything you want and don’t want in a supplement:












Up until now, you would have to buy Oh!mino at $49.95 to see how it works. But, now for a limited time, you can try Oh!mino FREE for one week, you just pay for shipping and handling!

You will get 12 servings for FREE. If you work out 4 times a week, take it 20 minutes before exercise for optimal muscle growth, then take while you exercise for superior hydration, and finally take it after you workout for the best recovery you’ll ever experience.

Plus, you’ll get a personal workout tracker, developed just for your preferred fitness type, to help you track your progress and really see the difference Oh!mino makes in your workouts.

Simply fill out the form below to claim your FREE 7-Day Challenge trial of Oh!mino and take my challenge. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone at your gym what your secret is…

"I absolutely love Oh!mino’s entire line of products. The fact that it is vegan and contains no artificial sweeteners or GMO’s is amazing. Plus it is zero calories, carbs or sugars. It tastes great too which is just an added bonus! I am a vegetarian so it’s harder for me to build muscle, but this supplement helps me do just that, as well as get all the necessary essential aminos that I need. I take it every single day now and refuse to go a day without it! I’ve honestly noticed such a big difference since I began taking Oh!mino. I have a lot more energy and endurance during my workouts. I take the caffeinated powder when I want that extra boost, and the stimulant-free version if it’s during the evening time so I don’t have issues falling asleep. I love the capsules as well and take those at night time or during my rest days. Oh!mino is a product I highly recommend to anyone wanting to seriously increase the quality of their workouts and get those desired results fast. It’s way more effective than a protein powder and definitely the best supplement I have ever used."

Thank you so much, Oh!mino!

Alyssa Faith (San Diego, CA