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1. Overview

Your muscles are in a constant state of change. At any given time, you are either in atrophy (muscle decline) or is muscle synthesis (muscle growth). When you exercise, your muscle is being broken down. But, when you rest or exercise with optimized amino acids, your muscles are in growth mode! After you exercise, your muscles repair themselves and grow. To gain more growth, bodybuilders and athletes have taken protein supplements to accelerate this growth.

2. Support Muscle Growth

It is critical to eat right and move regularly to sir and promote muscle usage. Muscle synthesis in your body is most efficient when there are free essential amino acids in your blood plasma. Your body is able to adapt to differences in protein intake, but it needs free amino acids for improved muscle synthesis and effective control of your metabolism. Additionally, research has found that muscle synthesis is best when essential amino acid supplements do not contain non-essential amino acids

3. Improve Performance and Hydration

The balanced electrolytes in Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex makes it an ideal hydration product. Through directing water into areas needed most, the electrolytes in Oh!mino work to keep you hydrated during exercise or even at rest. Oh!minoMuscle Synthesis Activator Complex includes all five fully-balanced electrolytes.


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Your Guide to

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This guide covers everything you need to know about how optimized essential amino acids can activate your muscle synthesis and help you achieve your fitness goals. In this guide you will receive:

  • Message from our founder & CEO
  • How to combat the affects of aging
  • Improving muscle synthesis
  • Results from studies sponsored by NASA
  • How optimized essential amino acids are effective with exercise
  • How individuals can benefit
  • Benefits of each essential amino acid - an FYI on aminos
  • Performance, hydration and components for health and fitness
  • And, the Oh!mino® brand promise!
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