What's Your Fitness Type?


Take your fitness to new heights with our patented optimized amino acid supplementation!


Fitness and activity are crucial for your health and wellbeing, no matter how you are going about it. Remember, movement is movement! All people can benefit from our thoughtfully formulated Oh!mino product. Use pre-workout, intra workout, and post workout. It was crafted for those who love working out, hate feeling sore, and crave optimal muscle synthesis and performance!


It is just as important to know your body and what motivates you — for some they go all in and burn out quickly, while others have a hard time getting started — both scenarios can impact your wellness. Stay tuned for our fitness test that will help you identify your workout style!



Find optimal muscle performance and recovery with amino acids!



What is your fitness type?

Do you hit the streets running?

Hit the weight room?

Grab your bike and hit the streets?

Grab your yoga mat and strike a yoga pose or hold that plank?

It really doesn't matter as long as you're moving!

In fall of 2018, we will be publishing a fitness test that you can use to see where you stand in the fitness culture. Are you an overachiever to the point of injuries? Are you getting in the way of your own success? Are you balanced? Soon this new tool will be a great resource for you and your fitness tribe.