Collection: Subscribe & Save!

You want to gain strength, build muscle, recover faster AND keep more money in your wallet! Welcome to Oh!mino’s subscribe & save program.

What does BFF mean? It means Best Friends Forever. Might sound like something a teenage might say, but it represents our missional values of treating all customers like you would treat your best friend!

Our program provides:

  • Free Shipping: This can save $13 per shipment!
  • Extra Savings: 5-20% off your purchases
  • Total Flexibility: You set up shipments from every 2 – 8 weeks.
  • First To Know: First in line for new formulas and items
  • Rewards Program: Cool gifts sent with “major milestone” purchases
  • Concierge VIP Service: Need to pause or change your order, just email us and we will make the changes for you!