A Guide To Optimum Recovery

A Guide To Optimum Recovery
Are you making one of the biggest mistakes in the gym without knowing it?
This mistake can lead you to serious injuries and long-term health problems if you go too far.
The core problem is that most people think they’re doing the right thing while making this huge mistake.
Because they believe in the popular saying “No Pain, No Gain.”
Most of us at one point have pushed ourselves way too hard without taking enough time off for recovery.
And it’s no wonder that most people are like that.
Figuring out the proper way to recover is just as hard as figuring out the proper way to exercise.
It’s not just about taking time off!
Actually, if you want to fully recover between workouts, you need to make sure all of these things are on point:
1. Food
2. Water
3. Sleep
4. Stress management
5. Time
So let’s look at all of these factors to see how each of them contributes to your recovery.
Oh!mino and healthy foods help build muscle
Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for recovery.
The most important nutrient you should take each day is protein.
Protein is involved in many different biological processes and muscle synthesis is just the biggest one for athletes.
Fitness experts recommend around 1 gram of protein per pound of your body mass. 
But the protein itself isn't what causes muscle synthesis, it's the 
You can also opt in for amino acid supplements because the aminoacids are the building blocks of protein.
We recommend you the Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator that contains all 9 essential aminoacids your body needs to build muscle and help in recovery.
Oh!mino improves hydration for better workouts and recovery
Proper hydration is often overlooked even though water is probably the single most important chemical compound in our body.
Did you know that water drives nutrients to your muscles?
Without water, it doesn’t matter how much protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you take.
They won’t get where you need if you’re not hydrated!
So make sure you drink at least half a gallon of water or more if you work out really hard.
Oh!mino is great at bedtime....the best time for recovery is when you sleep.
Sleep is another major factor that contributes to recovery – not just for athletes!
For people who are less physically active 7-8 hours of sleep is enough.
But athletes, especially those who want to build muscle, need even more than that.
So 9 hours would be a good goal to strive for you if you want maximum gains.
Stress management
Oh!mino is great on Rest days! Stress out with some friends!
When your body is stressed, it will release the hormone of stress also known as cortisol.
Cortisol can hinder many processes in your body.
Including recovery.
It will also mess up your sleep so you need to make sure the stress is under control if you’re pushing yourself hard in the gym.
Last but not least, you should give yourself enough time to recover.
No amount of sleep or protein or water can compensate for a busy training schedule.
Your body needs time to repair the muscle.
So depending on how hard you work out, leave at least one day for recovery between every workout.
Or at least make sure you deload from time to time.
That way, you’ll at least let your body perform below it’s full capacity on some days so that your muscles, joints, and nervous system can recover.
Stay fit my friend,
Founder & CEO