Benefits of Training Fasted

In your quest for the perfect physique, you might have stumbled upon the idea of fasting.

While fasting has numerous benefits for your health—including fat loss—the question still remains: should you work out in a fasted state?

And the answer to that is a big, resounding yes!

As I mentioned, fasting will increase the rate of fat utilization, meaning you’ll burn more fat than you would while fed.

This happens because your blood sugar and insulin levels stay low.

As an effect of that, your body will start using body fat as an energy source instead of glucose (blood sugar.)

But that’s not the only benefit of training on an empty stomach.

If you’re doing any kind of endurance exercise—low-instensity weight lifting counts as well—you’re going to experience an increase in the maximum oxygen usage during exercise.



And the more oxygen you can use, the longer you can exercise without fatigue.

At the same time, your body will be releasing more human growth hormone into your bloodstream (up to 5x more.)

The purpose of HGH is to help you use stored fatty acids and glucose as energy.

And lastly, if you train while fasting and break your fast with a high-protein meal, you’re going to increase the rate of muscle synthesis during recovery.

So even though you’re training on an empty stomach, it doesn’t mean your muscles can’t grow.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind.

Fasting will deplete you of energy, being you won't have any glucose available from food.

You won't be able to give your 100% in the gym and lift as much as you normally do.

But considering all the benefits, that’s a small sacrifice to make.


Also, I don’t recommend you train while fasting too often; you’ll start feeling burn out quickly.

Do it in moderation from time to time.

That’s how you’ll improve your endurance and burn more fat while exercising!


Stay fit my friends!



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