Final Friday Favorites - August 2021

Final Friday Favorites - August 2021

Good day and welcome to Final Friday Favorites....August '21 edition.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites. This month we had so many Oh!mino users post their stories....we hope you enjoy them!
So here areAugusts Final Friday Favorite Five:
5. Have you met Darren?
This post show's Darren in his home gym. He has a great set-up and his wife (my assumption) is lovely! At 54 he looks strong, and as they say "the couple that works out together, stays together!
4. How To Get Huge Biceps
As you may know, I am a fitness geek....and I love info graphics. This simple one informs about the three regions of the biceps, and how to adjust you curls to hit each one. What it leaves out is the triceps that make your biceps look even bigger! Next time you try Hammer Curls, don't stop next to the body...pop the dumbbell back into a tricep press (one of my personal hacks).
3. Speaking of biceps, have you met David?
Another Oh!mino user post featuring David. Look at his guns!
2. Have you met Kurk?
This reply to one of out posts, Kurt take a "Healthy Selfie" at his gym. It is hard to believe he is 65! Just two scoops pre-work...and don't forget Oh!mino is great on rest days!
1. Turn up the Music
This is an instagram post from professional musician Steve! He claims you can't make it in Country Music unless you look like Tim McGraw....we'll Steve, you are on your way. In fact you look like you could take Mr. McGraw down!
Thanks for all the submissions!
As always, stay fit my friend!
Founder & CEO

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