Final Friday Favorites February 2022

Final Friday Favorites February 2022

Good Day & Welcome to February's "Final Friday Favorites" (nice alliteration!)

If this is your first read of this blog, each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you).

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here they are:


#5. International Chest Day (have you met Terry?) 

This post made me laugh the instant I saw it. First, Terry Crews is very funny...and then the fact that literally 78% of people are bench pressing and working their chest every Monday, made me laugh even harder! So this is so deserving of our #5 Favorite!




#4. Speaking of Bench and Chest - Which is Your Favorite?

The bench press is clearly the most used fitness apparatus in gyms across the country....but there are so many often over-looked exercises. This month we even had an email, text and blog on the decline bench press. I ended the text with the punchline "just do them." So here's the question...out of the five exercises below, how many are doing regularly?







When we launched Oh!mino is 2019, we launched with just three items: Oh!mino Tropical Splash Powder in both caffeinated and stimulant-free options, and Oh!mino stimulant-free capsules. we are 2-1/5 years later and we finally decided to offer Oh!mino capsules with caffeine!

Our capsules are so good for athletes who don't want to be water-logged while training and competing (if that's you, it's time to pick up some capsules!).

One of our Pro-Body Builders combines the capsules with the powders pre-workout....he calls it immediate and timed-releases Oh!mino!

So yes, having this in our Top-3 Blog is self serving....but we wanted to be abundantly clear that this is now available to all!





#2. Have You Met Ronnie?

We love it when our users send in their Oh!mino testimonials. This one comes from Ronnie. He is in his 60's and still has his two pro cards (NPC & IFFB) and competes in regularly in National Body Building Competitions.

Ronnie Rocks! You can see his full story in our testimonial section of our website.

With a story like Ronnie's, it begs the question: Are you pushing hard enough? Let Oh!mino help you get stronger, build muscle, and recover faster and better!






1. Love Is In The Air!

Hats off to Caitlin for finding this photo....two smooching under some serious plates of iron! Love this visual...I think I might use it next year for a Valentine's card!






So that's it for February's Final Friday Favorites. We hope you enjoyed them....and if you haven't done so, please share your story about Oh!mino with others! Better yet, take a picture of you with Oh!mino and tag us!

Now get out there and work it!


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