Final Friday Favorites - January 2022

Final Friday Favorites - January 2022

Good Day & welcome to our first "Final Friday Favorites" of 2022!

Each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying  our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you).

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here is they are:


#5. The Governorator... 

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California, before he was The Terminator, before his feature film debut Conan the Barbarian....he was Mr. Olympia....Everyday, in many gyms worldwide, fitness folks are still pumping "The Arnold Press" (which everyone should be doing at least once a week....). So this meme is so deserving of our #5 Favorite!


 arnold body builder workouts



#4. Pre-Workout vs. Post Workout Foods

We love that our posts can be funny and engaging, but we really love educational posts. Real content that real people will benefit from. The topic of Pre and Post Workout foods is timely with the New Year, and beneficial as we all work our new goals for the year!

Pre-Workout Foods, Post Workout Foods 



#3. Have You Tried Oh!mino Yet?

This is a simple repost from one of our favorite local fitness centers in Orange County California (Los Alamitos to be specific). Trainer and owner Tony is a local legend. He tells all of his clients, "If you aren't using Oh!mino, you are just going through the motions!" we love that he is promoting and selling Oh!mino at his gym (hint - if you are a gym owner...or in the fitness industry, reply to this email so we can hook you up as a reseller).

 gym, recovery



#2. Have You Met Michael?

We love it when our users send in their Oh!mino testimonial. This one comes from Michael (our Founder's favorite name ...). He is 69 years old and crushing it! He is feeling bigger and longer pumps that he hasn't experienced since his 20's. His workout is two days on, one day he is hitting a solid 4 days a week! Thank you Michael for sharing your story!

 supplement, amino acids, electrolytes



1. Happy New Year!

We are so thankful for a great 2021...and even more thankful for a new beginning in 2022. Optimism is high....and the idea that the next Happy New Year isn't for another 338 days makes this post not only our first of the year and month, but our Final Friday Favorite! So for the last time....Happy New Year!

 Oh!mino BCCAs




So that's this month's Final Friday Favorite. We hope you enjoyed them....and if you haven't done so, please share your story about Oh!mino with others! Better yet, take a picture of you with Oh!mino and tag us!

Now get out there and work it!


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