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Final Friday Favorites - September 2021

Good day and welcome to Final Friday Favorites....September '21 edition.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites.
This month the final Friday comes a bit early. Here are the Fav-5!
5. Last Rep 
This post comes after last night's brutal 5 x 10 workout! We have all been there....for my final exercise, it was a compound movement of three exercises with dumb bells: 1) Close grip bench press to....2) Chest fly to.....3) tricep extensions....down & repeat! So after 6 chest, tricep and bicep exercises, that final 7th exercise.....and at 5 x10.... it got my body burning!
4. Fitness is 100%
This is such a great quote! So great that my customer service manager, Tim, made it part of his email signature! I encourage everyone to add a quote that is personal and meaningful to your email signature!
3. Michael Scott 7 Leg Workouts
Again, this hits home. Can anyone explain why heavy leg workouts hurt more two days after than the day after? Today is three days after my Monday leg workout and they are finally back....just ready for tomorrow's next leg day (glad it doesn't take me six days to recover like Michael Scott....must be the Oh!mino!)
2. Have you met Antonio?
It is fun to discover when you get great athletes on your product. With Oh!mino we have slowly entered into pro sports. We have pro body builders, MMA fighters....and now the mass culture of NBA and NFL. So, have you met Antonio Gibson? A great running back who last week averaged 5.3 yards a carry! Last year he was in the conversation until turf toe took him out a few games. Hoping for a successful and SAFE second year for Antonio with his Washington Football Team! (and hoping they get a real mascot soon).
1. Have you met Pete?
This facebook post came from Pete! He is "pumped about Oh!mino and loves his new gains (and losses in the midsection). Some might claim that "He was in good shape before Oh!mino".... and you're right. When we launched Oh!mino, it was never our goal to convince people to get fit.... we are a product for those already in the fitness culture! Those who have committed to fitness but want faster results, more successful work outs....and to perform better!
Thanks to Peter for sharing. And we encourage everyone to have some fun and post some healthy selfies with Oh!mino (or have a friend take one).
Last we passed our two year anniversary with the launch of Oh!mino recently, it took us a while to really articulate what Oh!mino can do:
   1) Build Strength 
   2) Build Muscle
      (you have to build strength before you can build and grow bigger muscles)
   3) Recover Faster
Thanks for all the submissions!
As always, stay fit my friend!
Founder & CEO
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