End of Summer Favorite Posts

End of Summer Favorite Posts

As we say goodbye to Summer, and hello to Autumn, I thought I would personally curate my favorite social posts of Summer '22.

If this is your first read of this blog, each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you.)

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did I personally think the post worthy based on my own secretive criteria....well, it's my company, so here they are:


#10. It's Summer - Time for a swim!

This photo was shot by our media manager, Caitlin.  Doesn't the pool look refreshing? Just love this shot as a kick-off to summer...the perfect time to show off that body that you have worked on so hard!

so much!




#9. High Protein Frozen Yogurt

Summer means ice cream! I remember ice cream socials as a kid. I was always jealous of my friends who's family had their own ice cream maker! This recipe is so easy...so delicious....and packed with protein. My kind of twist on ice cream.




#8. How I feel when the gym is empty

When I workout, I do a lot of super sets, compound movements, and circuit training. Sharing dumbbells is not something I am good at. So, when I am at a gym and it is empty, it's like "the fields are alive with the sound of music."





#7. Hard to say I was wrong

 My favorite posts are the ones that you send in....or are from your testimonials. This comes from a 45 year old who is now in better shape than they were in their 20s (with the help of Oh!mino). I am paraphrasing, but they thought our advertising  was too good to be true....turns out they were wrong and Oh!mino is amazing!




6. That's not a model - that's an Oh!mino user!

This photo came from a user who had a friend take a glamour shot of him with his Oh!mino. By the looks, he is a fit athlete and is at least holding Oh!mino so you can see it. Bravo! Hint - send in some pictures with you and Oh!mino and we will post. Better yet....Post for yourself!




5. Get ready for your Monday workout!

If you are like most...Sunday is a day of rest (and NFL Football)... and hitting the training grind on Mondays sometimes requires a bit more motivation. This next post had me chuckling and smiling when I saw it. Hope you had fun with it too!




4. Must be jaw day!

I love this post. For me this was an LOL moment....we all can relate. So much talking and not enough working. Enough said!




3. Have you met my friend Dean? 

An interesting thing happened in 2022. Somehow Oh!mino became a top niche brand within the Muay Thai community here in the USA. It started with one gym owner, then another one....then another.

This post is based on a new friend of mine Dean Lessei - who owns a Muay Thai Gym...and sponsors and coaches his own team. I had the pleasure of meeting Dean and his fighters this past June at the World Championship Tournament held in Iowa. Oh!mino is now the proud sponsor for TeamSingto Muay Thai!




2. The Simpsons

A fun fact about me...I workout hard, make good choices....but my weakness is pizza! And...I set personal goals, and if I meet them, I get Friday Night Pizza. Surprisingly, I never admitted this out loud until now....so my media manage had no idea this post would hit home. My secret is topping the pizza with as much protein as possible (and NEVER pineapple).





1. My body said no!

And here is my favorite post of Summer '22....

Another interesting fact is that my family is "that" crazy family with four dogs! Yes...I love dogs. All dogs. So, when a post features a dog...in a funny way....and in a workout environment...with a funny headline, I'm all about it! Brilliant! Bravo! Inspired! Yes, it is that easy to brighten my day.



hope these "best of summer" social media posts made your day! Reminder, we love customers to post, tag, share, and write testimonials, so please keep them coming.

Good-bye to Summer...and hello to Autumn!


Stay fit my friend!



Founder & CEO

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