How Cycling, BCAAs, and Fatigue Are All Related (Part One)

How Cycling, BCAAs, and Fatigue Are All Related (Part One)

Do you love cycling but constantly feel fatigued?

Cycling is a sport loved by many and it’s an amazing way to get in shape! Cycling is so diverse — from being a mode of transportation to recreation — most people in this day and age own a bike. Though the evolution of the bike has changed vastly over time from the good ol’ bikes made from wood and iron. Despite the many upgrades and tweaks you can craft to make your bike lighter and faster, but the thing that still powers it is you!

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or you’re just getting started, you everyone still gets fatigued. At Oh!Mino, we have the antidote to fatigue — optimized essential amino acids. Join us in today’s post as we dive into cycling fatigue and BCAAs.

The Physiology of Fatigue

Fatigue is fueled many factors — perhaps you rode too far or too fast on your last cycling jaunt — in these lies a series of physiological processes that your body endures.


During cycling, your body utilizes two types of fuel, carbohydrates and fat, and while it’s not likely you’ll run out of your reserve of fat, it is much easier to run out of carbohydrates.

Your muscles store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and it’s widely tapped into during a killer hill climb or sprints. As this reserve dwindles, your muscles will become tired and worn out and the only remedy is proper refueling and rest. This complete and utter bonk is your body’s way of telling you it’s experiencing a glycogen depletion, so it’s vital to consume carbs before, during (if it’s a long ride), and after your ride.

The Lactic Acid Burn

Largely cycling is an aerobic activity and when your body uses fat and carbs as fuel, it’s broken down to what is known as adenosine triphosphate which is responsible for muscle contractions. When you push your body to its limits either by going to fast or climbing too hard, it makes it hard for your body to take in the proper amount of oxygen, thus the carbohydrates aren’t completely broken down and result in a lactic acid buildup. Have you ever felt that burn? That is the lactic acid and you feel it when you’re working hard. Oftentimes, when you experience this, you’ll have to slow your pace and rest, or even stop and pull over to let it pass.

Optimized Amino Acids, BCAAs, and Fatigue

BCAAs are largely used to address cycling fatigue — they promote recovery and reduce soreness, better increase your cycling performance, and help to build muscle.

Optimized amino acids take BCAAs to the next level, they’re the next generation of performance supplements. Here’s a little recap on optimized amino acids:

They keep your muscles in growth mode

It improves muscle synthesis and better controls the metabolism mechanism

It’s packed high in BCAAs

There are a couple more physiological factors that play into cycling fatigue, so stay tuned for part two!

To get the benefits of BCAAs but in a better, more innovative way, try Oh!Mino products today!

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