Monday MythBuster #28: You Can Never Drink Too Much Water....

Monday MythBuster #28: You Can Never Drink Too Much Water....

How Much Water Is Too Much?

I know a guy who doesn’t drink water. 

He only drinks sports drinks, plus whiskey on special occasions… at least, that’s what he says.

I can’t say for sure as we only see each other sometimes at the gym, but I don’t think he’s being serious.

The thing is, he has an interesting point about water and exercise.

Drinking too much water can be dangerous.

I often see people who drink a gallon of water while they’re in a gym working out for an hour or so.

I get why they do that – but it’s not good for them.

One gallon of water a day should be enough to keep you hydrated even if you’re physically active.

And those guys drink that much in the gym…

So how much do they drink in a day? Two gallons? Maybe more?

By drinking more than two gallons of water a day, you’re depleting your body of electrolytes which actually dehydrates you more.

And if you’re sweating in the gym as well, your electrolyte levels are lower to start with.

So you need to replenish them instead of depleting them.

And that’s why sports drinks exist.

They contain a lot of electrolytes to give your body what it needs during workouts.

However, all sports drinks contain either sugar or artificial sweeteners.

So I don’t recommend you drink them.

If you enjoy them, that’s OK...

But don’t do it often.

There’s actually a much better way to get the electrolytes you need without any unnecessary, harmful additives.

Oh!mino includes all five fully-balanced electrolytes: sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium.

The balanced electrolytes in Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex makes it an ideal hydration product. 

Through directing water into areas needed most, the electrolytes in Oh!mino work to keep you hydrated during exercise or even at rest.
But not only that – Oh!mino, first and foremost, helps you grow bigger muscle.

It basically takes care of the three most important things for weight lifters and other fitness enthusiasts: performance, recovery, and muscle growth.

So if you’re serious about your fitness goals, you should stock up on Oh!mino.

And you’ll never worry about taking workout supplements ever again!

Stay fit my friend,



Founder & CEO

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