Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation vs. Discipline


These two words are often used as synonyms, words used to get something we want.


We may understand that motivation and discipline are different, but we are not sure how—so let’s break it down.


Motivation is a reason or desire to act a certain way, while discipline is to train yourself to do something in a habitual way.


Motivation is the perfect emotional boost to get someone to begin a new project, but motivation does not have enough behind it to keep that person going.


Discipline, on the other hand, is what happens when that person keeps at their goal after the emotional boost fizzles.


When motivation to achieve your goal ends, you must choose to keep going.


Discipline is a choice.


It is required to convert your motivation into a habit and this is done only by your willpower.


Your desire to exercise daily may falter, but if you’ve developed the backbone of discipline and habit, you’ll be able to press on.


If you have recently amped up your fitness goals, take each day with measurable workout achievements…more sets, reps, plates, etc.


Whether you are in the world of body building, CrossFit, boxing, yoga, etc., make sure your goals each day are achievable, and don’t be afraid to push yourself.


Do your best to never skip a scheduled day, even if all you’re able to do is half of what you intended.


Being disciplined is a long road, but 100% achievable!



Stay fit my friend,


Founder & CEO



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