Final Friday Favorites!

It is officially our first fall Final Friday Favorites - try saying that 5 times fast!

I blinked and September was over, and I can tell by the Halloween decorations everywhere that people are ready for “spooky season” to begin.

Before we get ghosted, let’s finish off September with our favorites!

As a reminder, Final Friday is where we identify our top five favorite social media posts in one convenient spot.

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here they are:


#5 Pics or it didn’t happen

We all love a little satire, right? The rise of social media has made it so that things don’t feel real unless our followers saw it. If you forgot to post about the gym today, I guess you’ve got to go twice as hard tomorrow! 

#4 Carbon footprint

With the addition of a second distribution facility, we've reduced our carbon footprint by 40%! We love that we can work towards bettering people’s bodies and the environment. 

The additional facility means faster shipping for more states, so you can get your Oh!mino faster! That sounds like a win-win.

#3 5-star reviews

Oh!mino wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of you - our customers. We work hard to create a product that actually works, so we love hearing feedback that it’s tried and true. Not only that, but the results come fast!

#2 Sugar addiction

We made the conscious decision to create Oh!mino without the addition of sugar. Some people were curious about the reasoning, so we explained it on the blog. We also discuss the health impacts of sugar, so it’s worth a read. You can find the blog here.

#1 Get those zzz’s

I know everyone talks about how important sleep is (especially when it comes to building muscle), but not everyone gives tips on how to achieve better sleep. This post gets our #1 spot this month because we could all use a little advice on how to get that deep, restful sleep. Sweet dreams, my friends. 

The holidays will be here before we know it, so let’s stay focused on our goals. We got this!

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