Sitting is the next smoking!

Sitting is the next smoking!

We all know that jobs in construction and in warehouses are back-breaking.

Many of the workers in those fields end up injured or in pain.

But if you thought that white-collar jobs are perfectly safe, you’ll be in for a rough surprise.

Sitting at the office desk for hours is NOT healthy.


I have actually heard from a doctor that "Sitting is the new smoking."

Not only it can destroy your posture, but it can also cause obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

So if your job involves a lot of sitting, you should find a way to reverse its negative effects.

Here are a couple of methods that can help with that.

  1. Take frequent breaks

There’s a rule of thumb that says you should take a break every hour while sitting at the desk.

You can stretch or go for a walk as your job allows.

  1. Exercise after work

When you come home from work, you might be tempted to sit down again, or to lay in your bed and take a nap.

But this would just make the problem of sitting worse.

Resist the urge to take a rest and instead opt for light to moderate physical activity.

You can go to the gym to lift weights or go jogging, cycling, etc.

If you’re really pressed for time, there’s a whole bunch of exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

  1. Avoid the TV

Watching TV means you’re sitting on a couch which is a big NO for desk workers.

If you absolutely have to watch TV, do it while you exercise. One time I was on a treadmill for an entire Laker was so distracted by the game that I didn't realize that I ran for 7 miles!

  1. Get a treadmill desk

Not everyone will be able to afford this, but if you can, a treadmill desk is a fantastic piece of furniture and exercise equipment all-in-one.

It’s perfect for those who work from home; they can get their daily steps in while they’re having a Zoom conference with the team.

    5. Buy a stand up desk (attachment of full desk).
I did this in 2012 and totally swear by it! There are many brands and you can even find one at Amazon with free shipping (which is good because they are heavy).


If you have a sedentary job, this doesn’t mean you can’t escape its negative effects on your health.

Just being mindful of how sitting affects you is a big step.

Now you can look for ways to become more physically active in and outside of your workplace.

Stay fit my friend,


Founder & CEO

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