Our Final Favorites...That's So 2021!

Our Final Favorites...That's So 2021!

Good Day & welcome to our final blog favorites of 2021.

Most months we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying  our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you).

In November, the final Friday fell on Black Friday...so no Final Five Blog....

In December, the final Friday fell on New Year's Eve... a vacation day to all of our staff....so no Final Friday Blog...

So in today's blog, we get to rehash all of 2021 social posts and deliver a true Top 10! 

To make the Top 10, it had only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here is our Top 10:


#10. Have You Met Melissa?

As you can tell by the photo, Melissa is in shape! Not only a hard core athlete, she is also a personal fitness trainer. If you are near Baton Rouge, you have to set up a workout with Melissa.


#9. Happy April Fool's Day!

We are all human and make mistakes. A few bottles from one of our batches had the labels of our Stimulant-Free capsules upside down. Instead of rejecting them, our Founder & CEO thought they would make a good April Fool's joke (he has always been a forward thinker)....so they were shipped on April Fool's day and we had gift cards made up for those lucky receivers....a fun inexpensive promo for April Fool's Day!

#8. Halloween Celebration

We usually have a timely post on the major holidays. This one is just so much fun visually that it had to be included in our Top 10.


#7. Drop & Give Me 20!

We love it when our users do their own posts of Oh!mino....or reply to one of our posts with a photo. This one came in toward the beginning of 2021...and we love that he has his Oh!mino shaker bottle in the background while doing push-ups. This also serves as a not-so-subtle hint for you to "share your story!"


6. Have You Met Frankie? (Happy 4th of July)

We love dogs! In fact, our Founder & CEO has four dogs (he is a crazy dog person). In this post, his pug Frankie is dressed up for Independence Day...so he had to post. Who doesn't like a cute pug?


5. Do You Wanna Do A Workout?

Living in Orange County, California we are surrounded by Disney! We have the theme parks under 15 miles from our Corporate HQ and 35 miles form the Disney Studios. This meme makes everyone sing in their heads!


4. Anymore Oh!mino & He Will Explode!

This post was within one of our posts. It comes from user Seydel....and he is huge! You can tell that he as taken many supplements and is serious about his workouts for decades....so we are humbled when he refers to Oh!mino as not only the best, but his favorite workout supplement! 


3. Lifting Is My Favorite

If you have followed our Final Friday Favorites each month, you might have noticed that Will Ferrel ALWAYS ends up in the Top 5....and for good reason....he makes people laugh! From the Anchorman to Elf, this man just cracks us up! We hope you don't get tired of him, because our Founder & CEO demands one Will Ferrel post per week (so 52 times per week, baby!)


2. Have You Met Pete?

Pete is one of our few & proud Oh!mino resellers. He has one of the most successful Muay Thai gyms in the country! These athletes go at it hard! They need muscle, endurance, and recovery more than most athletes! Pete is obviously an Oh!mino user, as well! If you have been thinking about kick boxing and live in Des Moines, Iowa you have to look him up!

 1. Excelsior! The Awards Keep Stacking Up!

With Oh!mino, we don't only help build muscle, we build champions! We help people add more plates and reps everyday....and for Noel (pictured below), we help him stack up the bodybuilding awards! For the last two years he earns "heavy metal" at his regional and national body building championships in Texas....Don't tell him, but Michael (Founder & CEO) might surprise him this year by sponsoring his next event and even attending to cheer him on! But shhh....it's a surprise!

So that is our past year's best. As a hipster would say, "that is so 2021!"

Wishing you all a great 2022! Now get out there and work it!


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