The Perks of a Pre-workout

The Perks of a Pre-workout

Maximize your workout with sports nutrition.

Gone are the days when a pre-workout came in the form of consuming half of a banana or toast with jelly before an intense workout. Now in the fitness community, “pre-workout” is a buzzword being thrown and is something everyone is talking about. So, are you taking a pre-workout to optimize your workout?

If you haven’t jumped on the pre-workout bandwagon, Oh!mino has you covered! Our sports pre-workout supplements provide optimized essential amino acids, balanced electrolytes, and a choice of either a little caffeine, or stimulant-free. Both options will provide you with better fuel your fitness. Learn more about the perks of a pre-workout in today’s post.


Achieve Peak Performance With a Pre-Workout

While pre-workouts are used commonly by both athletes and fitness enthusiasts, there is still a disconnect about why there are taken. A pre-workout is typically in the form of a powder that you mix with a liquid before your workout, and they contain elements that boost your energy, combat muscle fatigue, and improve your focus.

What should I look for in a pre-workout?

If fitness is an important part of your life, you probably are an aware consumer and habitually read labels to check for clean ingredients that support your body. Similarly to food labels, you will want to read the labels of pre-workouts to ensure that the product meets your standards. As you know, there are no magic pills or shortcuts to building muscle or fat loss — you have to put in the work, but pre-workouts simply are a vehicle to help you get there.

What makes Oh!mino better than other pre-workouts

Most pre workouts are designed to help you make it through tough workouts. And Oh!mino does that. But Oh!mino goes beyond. It has been clinically studied and proven to improve performance, muscle stamina, strength, and unlike other pre-workouts, Oh!mino actually helps activate muscle synthesis in your body!* And at a rate 11 times better than whey protein, and over 20 times better than BCAAs.*

When reading pre-workout labels, look for the following:

  • Free of processed sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Optimized amino acids
  • Pharmaceutical grade caffeine
  • Balanced electrolytes
  • Dairy-free and free of animal sources
  • Gluten and dairy free

A pre-workout should be a very simple formulation since you are taking this before your workout — you don’t want anything to upset your stomach during your workout, or worse yet, something that leaves you bloated.. It is always important to do a little research beforehand to find a very clean product to incorporate to your regimen.

Are there any ingredients that should be avoided?

While everyone prefers different things, always check the fact panels to know exactly what you are ingesting. Consider avoiding pre-workouts with the following components:

High caffeine content  - A typical eight-ounce cup of coffee contains 95 milligrams of caffeine, so try and stay in this range. Anything higher can make you feel jittery, unfocused, and clammy, and cause a crash in energy, making for a rough and unproductive workout. 

Pre-Workout Perks

Now that we know what to look for and what to avoid once you find a pre-workout that aligns with your needs, you are on your way to a superior workout!

Gain energy.

Most everyone desires more energy because we live an over-stimulated and busy world that we are all trying to keep up with, so having more energy to focus on our workouts is highly advantageous. A pre-workout with caffeine as a stimulant can make you feel energized and ready to tackle any workout. For those who drink enough caffeine, and you know who you are, consider a stimulant-free version.


Improve your workout performance and productivity.

The reason most people are interested in a pre-workout supplement is that they want to up their game with the ability to workout harder and longer all while recovering faster. When you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle, a pre-workout is a great tool to help you reach peak efficiency by giving you additional focus, power, and stamina to crush your workout!

Stimulate your metabolism and lose weight.

When you ingest a pre-workout, the stimulants such as caffeine give your metabolism a boost by raising your body’s thermogenesis and fat-burning capabilities, thus helping you to lose weight.

Better recovery.

Sometimes the effects of a rigorous workout don’t just end — they are often prolonged in built-up lactic acid that causes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that can impede on your next scheduled workout. A pre-workout is a great way to support your body in its recovery processes and minimize downtime. That’s why Oh!mino is actually the pre, intra, and post workout formula.

Why are Optimized Essential Amino Acids important?

Amino acids are the building blocks to protein, which supports muscle gains. Oh!mino is the perfect pre-workout to sip before or even throughout the day if you are on a calorie-restricted diet. These amino acids nourish the body to ensure your body is getting enough of the good stuff to maintain a healthy metabolism while dampening muscle wasting.

Optimized essential amino acids are also important to include in your pre-workout and even during because they will supply your body with constant fuel through intense exercise. The proper ratios of amino acids are critical. That’s why the patented amino acid complex found in Oh!mino has been scientifically studied to deliver results.* Don’t be fooled by others.

Pre-workout supplements have become very trendy in the fitness community because everyone wants a better workout that can help them build muscle and recover more rapidly. A pre-workout is helpful in that they increase energy, boost your performance, stimulate your metabolism, and guide your body towards better recovery.

Oh!mino is the perfect pre-workout supplement chock-full of our optimized essential amino acids. Explore our muscle synthesis activator with caffeine and experience first-hand how our products are not just fads but based on scientific evidence.


To learn more about our patented essential amino acid supplement, reach out to us today!

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