The Ultimate Final Friday Roundup

The Ultimate Final Friday Roundup

Welcome to June’s Final Friday Favorites!

If this is your first read of this blog, each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you.)

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here they are:

#5 Where the dedicated are

We love memes and we think they’re even funnier when they’re accurate. If you’re choosing to go to the gym for your Friday night plans, you are one of the dedicated.

Many people see the weekend as an excuse for cheat days and rest days. We know that the most dedicated people often do the work when they could be doing so many other things. 

#4 Fitness over 40

Fitness is not just for the “youth!” We always say that fitness is a way of life, and ways of life don’t just stop when you finish your thirties. 

Physical health is important at every age, but there can be different risks that come with fitness at different ages. It’s good to take note of changes in the body and how to make the best exercise choices.

#3 High protein smoothie

Here at Oh!mino, we love food! It’s even better when we find a simple recipe that has high protein. Protein is crucial for our bodies to build up muscle mass and get those gains.

This 4-ingredient smoothie gives you the protein you need with no protein powder.

#2 Food at night myth

For years we’ve heard about the negative effects of eating food after 6pm. We’re here to bust that myth. 

The most important part is to eat foods that provide the nutrients you need for optimal recovery. Aim to eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bed, and make sure you stay hydrated. 

#1 Sleep benefits

Sleep is so important that it had to be #1 for this month. All-nighters may have been cool when we were young, but there are so many benefits to good sleep, especially for athletes. 

You want to grow and repair your muscles? Get good sleep. Have better hormonal regulation? Get good sleep. Reduce your risk of injury or illness? Get good sleep. Sleep is a game changer.

And just like that, July starts tomorrow and we are officially halfway through 2023! There’s no better time to be motivated and let Oh!mino help you see results.

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