Why Carb Cycling is Superior To Low Carb Diets

Why Carb Cycling is Superior To Low Carb Diets

Let’s face it – cutting diets make you feel awful.

Your gym performance suffers.

You have less energy.

But if you want to look great with your shirt off, you need to get shredded, in other words, you need to burn fat...

And a low-carb diet is a proven fat-burning method.

So, how can you get the benefits of a low-carb diet (shredded body) while avoiding its less desirable effects (lack of energy, lower performance)?

The answer to this question is carb cycling.

You see, there’s no reason why your carb intake should be the same on your training days and your rest days.

When you’re resting, you don’t need that many carbs.

On those days, you can eat just a minimum of carbs and let your body use fatty acids for fuel.

That’s how you’re going to burn fat.

Besides that, low-carb periods will help your body use energy more efficiently.

And this will make your workouts easier.

On training days, however, you need carbs to give you energy and boost your performance in the gym.

That’s why you should eat a high-carb meal before AND after the workout. (not immediately before or after though...)

Eating a high-carb meal before the workout will help you add more plates and more reps which means you will burn more calories and build more muscle...

While a high-carb meal after the workout will help you relax by reducing the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

But that’s not all – high-carb meals have another benefit for everyday lifters.

They indirectly stimulate muscle growth.

You see, during a workout, your body uses glycogen from muscles as a primary energy source.

This means your glycogen reserves are depleted after each workout.

And since there’s no glycogen anymore, your body starts using the protein to get the energy it needs.

So if you only eat protein after the workout, this protein won’t help you grow muscle.

It will be burned as fuel.

By eating a meal that’s high both in protein and carbs, you’re getting energy from carbs while protein can be used for muscle synthesis.

That’s called “protein sparing”...

Because you’re sparing proteins from being broken down and turned into an energy source.

But you don’t have to rely exclusively on protein for muscle synthesis.

In fact, if you only rely on protein and you keep increasing the protein intake, your body will adapt and it won’t trigger muscle protein synthesis so easily.

That’s why essential amino acids are superior to whey protein when it comes to muscle growth.

Where can you find a quality EAA product?

Oh!mino contains all 9 essential amino acids that are proven to stimulate 11x more muscle synthesis than whey protein.

Now, to recap…

If you’re looking to burn more fat while keeping your gym performance at a high level, you need to eat a balanced diet where the carbs intake varies depending on your activity.

Rest day means fewer carbs, training day means more carbs. That’s how carb cycling works in a nutshell.

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