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A message from our Founder and CEO

Welcome to Oh!mino®. If you have landed on this page you either: 

      1. Just purchased Oh!mino® and your curiosity compelled you to see where this code would take you…And by the way, thanks for the purchase!
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      3. You are at, or with, one of the very select practitioners/health professionals that I personally trust… and you need more information/details to see if Oh!mino® is for you.

Regardless of how you arrived to our little secret page, thank you for your increased interest in Oh!mino®

Our team developed this page to dive further on what makes Oh!mino® so effective. In short, our label could only provide so much space…and we have so much more to say, so here it goes:


Why is protein so popular among the fitness culture?

Simple: to activate, maintain, enhance, build, or REALLY build muscle.

Fact – the power of protein happens when your body converts dietary protein into amino acids (amino acids are the building blocks of protein).

This patented formula contains the clinically proven ratios of essential amino acids (essential because you can only get them through diet, or supplementation) that NASA sponsored to see if they could help lessen muscle atrophy with astronauts during space travel….and the scientists discovered that even after 30 days of bed rest, subjects taken the ratios of essential amino acids found in Oh!mino® avoided muscle atrophy and either maintained or showed increases in muscle mass!*

These amino acids have been shown to be 11 times more effective in stimulating protein synthesis in your body than Whey protein, the most researched protein source.*

If you want to compare them to BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), Oh!mino® leaves them in the dirt! Now we aren’t going to come down on BCAAs, because Oh!mino® contains all three….Because BCAAs are 3 of the 9 essentials in out patented proprietary Amino Acid Complex.* The BCAAs need the benefit of all the essentials, along with glycine…and in THE PROPER RATIOS.

Each scoop of Oh!mino® is equivalent to 33 grams of protein…without the calories, carbs, sugars, dairy, animal sources, artificial stuff (flavors, colors, sweeteners, etc.) and it is even gluten and NON-GMO.* This is vegan-friendly alternative to protein.

Unfortunately though, vegan sources of protein have not been successful in demonstrating muscle synthesis in the body. In other words, vegan proteins are great sources of food, but not muscle supporting foods. The amino ratios found in proteins just haven been shown by science to be helpful. But again, that’s where Oh!mino® comes in.*

Simply put, Oh!mino® is the next generation of performance supplement.

So it’s time to change the conversation…

Time to start a new movement…

Give us a try. Oh!mino® comes in both caffeinated and stimulant-free powders. They are tasty tropical splashes of refreshment…not bulk calorie ridden shakes! By the way Oh!mino® also comes with fully balanced electrolytes!

            Take before, intra, and post workout.

For those who don’t like drinking their performance supplement, we also have a stimulant-free version in veggie capsules…just 5 caps equals the same formula found in Oh!mino®

The capsules are also ideal to take on rest days and with you when you travel!

Again thanks for taking extra time to dive further into our product.

Stay healthy my friends,

Michael Maynard

Founder and CEO

* This statement has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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