Trainer Program

Fitness Trainer Program

Are you a fitness professional? A personal trainer, coach, pro, or someone who helps
clients reach their goals through fitness and wellness? If so our professional program is for you!

This is not an influencer program

Influencers want fame, money, popularity, likes and comments. Fitness professionals want results for their clients. Solutions that make sense!

At Oh!mino, we think fitness is the ultimate luxury brand!

With the Oh!mino professional program you can make some extra money, but that is not the emphasis. We are looking for fitness pros who share our vision.

How does it work?

Want to learn more, click the schedule button and pick a time slot that works and
we will have a 20 minute download chat to see if it is a win-win-win. A win for you, your client, and Oh!mino.

20 Minute Onboarding
  • Company purpose, mission, and values
  • The story behind Oh!mino
  • Program benefits & future
  • Turning it into a career

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