Women and Muscle Building/Toning with Oh!mino®


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Women, by virtue of their unique physiology, require an adequate amount of fitness in order to keep themselves in shape during the different phases of life. It is a matter of great concern for women to have muscles with a healthy tone, yet not making them bulky or too masculine looking. The struggle to optimize their bodies to the perfect proportion of weight, muscles, fats, and activity while keeping the aura of femininity intact is the hot subject among women of the 21stcentury.

Bust The Myth                                                                                                                 

Contrary to popular opinion, weight training does not make women too bulky or too masculine. The myth that weight lifting activities are only meant for men and have no scope for women’s health, needs to be busted altogether. It is, indeed, inappropriate and unfair to accredit bodybuilding less when it comes to the physique building of women in general. Because a woman’s body is equally receptive to the positive effects of bodybuilding, it is only advantageous to her health — decreasing fat while increasing lean muscle. 

The point here is to impart the very basic understanding of the dynamics of weight training exercises among the masses, particularly women. Fitness trainers and athletes strongly encourage the athletic woman and women in general to maintain a keen interest in the gym culture because that is where they could improve their muscle strength. The hoax that women should limit themselves to cardio intensive workouts is insulting. It is actually sheer ignorance of the basic science of sports nutrition and muscle development. 

So, it’s time to change the conversation!


Weight Training and Women

Technically speaking, weightlifting doesn’t focus only on bulk gain; instead, it helps cut down the unnecessary fat and flab from the body. Statistics have shown that one of the toughest tasks for women in households is to get rid of the dreaded flabby triceps. Bodybuilding exercises are a perfect way out to decrease extra bulk from different parts of the body. So, hitting the weights must be promoted because it gives women an opportunity to come back to a normal ratio of body curves by following different weightlifting techniques.

What’s important here is to deem weight training fit for all women, because women around the world have a right to strong muscles just like men. Muscular strength is not only for vanity sake, but also to carry out the normal routine activities. Be it driving or running, working or shopping, chores or coffee with friends, all women require the core muscle strength to pull off even the basic stuff life throws at you!

Use of Supplements Among Women

Among women who are already aware of the importance of building muscle tone, especially the ones actively involved in sports and athletics, it is a rather common custom to augment the effects of workout sessions by dietary supplements. Protein supplements are often used because they help muscles develop faster than they would with weight training alone. 

However, recent health surveys within the women’s fitness community show a disappointment with protein supplements. This is due to the fact that they do not meet the specific needs of women. Also, the majority of protein supplements are either heavy in carbohydrates or are formulated with synthetic ingredients. Furthermore, most rely on animal sources to provide the necessary protein supply to the body, and this can make them unfit for women trying to lose weight, and impossible to consume for vegetarians.

But, we have come up with the best solution to all these problems in one package.

The Best Muscle Supplement for Women

Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is the new product in town. It efficiently compensates for all the deficiencies found in protein supplements. Oh!mino® is a patented amino acid complex that is carb-free, calorie-free, and a non-GMO product that caters to a wider range of consumers all over. It is also sugar-free which makes it more suitable for women who are either diabetic or struggling with body weight. This product has a distinction among others and that is its vegan-friendly ingredients, making it the best option for women who prefer dairy-free and vegetarian lifestyles.

Furthermore, Oh!mino®doesn’t only provide real value but also provides options to consumers. Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is available in both stimulant-free and caffeinated version. It contains a fully balanced spectrum of electrolytes (not just cheap salt) to keep you hydrated. It is the perfect pre workout, intra workout  and post workout formula. It even comes in vegan capsules for those who prefer a solid dose to drink mixes. Key components found in Oh!mino® improve muscle endurance and recovery as well. 


More Power to Women!

Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is the muscle supplement ideal for women. What makes it all worthy of your choice is the fact that it focuses on providing all the essential amino acids in the correct ratios proven by science. It is 11 times more effective in promoting muscle synthesis that whey protein, and 20 times more beneficial than BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids.*  This formula helps make your muscles stronger and healthier with each training session.* 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.