Yoga and Core Muscle Strength


Mindfulness, muscle building, and aminos!


It is a common notion that yoga and bodybuilding are two entirely different forms of exercise that aren't always mutually exclusive in terms of their benefits. However, the reality is different. Yoga and body building almost complement each other in order to amplify the positive outcomes of both. For most of us, yoga might be a whole lifestyle, while bodybuilding, a mere optional luxury. But the truth suggests otherwise.

yoga pose

Yoga is a physical exercise that involves the synchronization of your body movements with the breathing movements, and simultaneously refreshing both your mental and bodily atmosphere. It requires a person to be flexible and adaptive because one has to maintain many “asanas” or postures for longer periods of time — all of this movement needs sound core body strength. So, in order to get the maximum benefits out of your yoga exercises, we need to have a muscle strong enough to sustain our yoga postures. 

It is important to know that to accomplish a solid yoga practice, core body strength plays an instrumental role; and that can only be achieved by following intelligent body building techniques. The rationale behind this is the very idea of muscle building and gaining power. This doesn’t only get you a better physique but also helps you perform yoga poses in a better manner. For instance, the common yoga postures like the tree pose, the shoulder stand, or the plank formations; all require strong muscles to sustain themselves to receive the maximum benefits out of them.


Build a strong core for better asanas with patented amino acid supplementation!


So, building core body strength doesn’t only augment your yoga benefits but also helps you in many other routine matters. Here is a better insight into the impacts of muscle building in our life.

  1. Muscle building and yoga go hand in hand:

    If we analyze the correlation between muscle building and yoga, we shall observe that both complement each other in very obvious ways. Unlike the popular opinion, yoga is not merely about meditation of the mind; rather it imparts significant strength to your body as well. The different poses of yoga enhance both your mind focus and bodily figure. Similarly, muscle building is not only supposed to be an obsession for the body builders; rather it deserves the attention of all yogis as well because, without good core muscle strength, yoga fails to deliver its best outcomes. So, the better the muscle strength, the longer the sustainability of the yoga poses i.e. longer plank holds, more stabilized head and shoulder stands, more balanced tree poses, etc.  

  2. Muscle building is essential to a healthy lifestyle:

    Muscle strength building exercises go beyond the scope of Yoga; they transcend to our daily life chores as well. In a time where people are always busy in their office routines and hardly have any time for taking care of their bodily health, core muscle building helps them in maintaining a good body posture in general, performing their routine activities more actively, lowering the chances of lower back pain, keeping them from getting easily frustrated by the hectic working hours and conserving physical energy for longer periods of time.

What helps in building muscle strength other than exercises?

As we all know that muscle bulk thrives on protein. What most people don’t know is that it is the amino acids found in protein that build muscle. That is why amino acids are the building blocks protein, and in turn, the building blocks for all the muscles in your body.  It is very important to have proteins in your daily diet, and it's also important to seek out performance supplements like a good vegan essential amino acids complex. 

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While there are many regularly used protein supplements out there in the market, not all of them deliver the required results on time and most of the customers remain disappointed. 

Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is the ideal performance supplement for Yoga enthusiasts. Here are just 10 reasons to dump protein supplements

  1. It is animal-free – vegan!
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  9. It contains all nine essential amino acids in the proper scientifically proven ratios
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As mentioned above, what makes it special and outstanding is the fact that it is well suited for the yoga lifestyle due to its pure and natural components i.e., it contains optimized essential amino acids and serves the purpose by its vegan constituents. 

Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is exceptional because it increases muscle synthesis 11 times more than other supplements, including whey protein.*  This enhances endurance and it speeds up the muscle recovery; and for the same reason, it has its unique anti-aging effects on the body by slowing the depletion of body proteins with time.* Moreover, this product is the also best for the people who enjoy heavy training and high intensity exercises because it reduces inflammation in muscles cause by overexertion.*

Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator is your most reliable dietary companion because it is 100 percent natural, serves your body with all the essential amino acids required for efficient protein synthesis, suits vegetarians, complements yoga lifestyle in general and gives your body the necessary strength by boosting your muscle synthesis even if you are losing proteins naturally with age. With this amazing protein supplement, you can excel at both yoga exercises and muscle strength building.*

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and disease.