Berry Caffeinated 40 BFF ACCESS - New Flavor!

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Berry Caffeinated 40 BFF ACCESS - New Flavor!

  Special BFF Bulk Discount

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Finally, a full-profile essential amino acid supplement!



Natural Workout Supplement - The Next Generation In Sports Nutrition

Oh!mino is a patented formula - the latest insider secret the pros are using. 

  • All Nine Essential Amino Acids with Nutritional Co-Factors
  • 11x More Effective Than Protein In Activating Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • 20x More Effective Than 2:1:1 Branch Chain Amino Acids
  • Fully Balanced Electrolytes
  • The Pre, Intra and Post-workout formula
  • 100 mg Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine

Why Should You Take Oh!mino?

  • Stimulates 11x more muscle protein synthesis than whey protein
  • Stimulates 20x more muscle protein synthesis than BCAAs
  • Speeds up more muscle recovery by 373%
  • Increases endurance
  • Speeds recovery and reduces stiffness due to high-intensity training
  • Fully balances electrolytes for better performance
  • Is non-dairy and vegan
  • Contains zero sugar, carbs or calories
  • Is a non-GMO formulation
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Clean label product

Product Direction/Additional Information

For best results, take prior to workout, intra workout,  and post workout.

Mix 1-2 scoop with 8-12 oz of water or juice.

Servings: 30

Item No: 333004


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Meet Shearill Brown

Fitness Expert & Exercise Scientist, BS Western Michigan University
Certified Speed & Fitness Specialist
Author of “Wake Up Your Passion in Life” & DVD “Jump Interval Training”
Featured on FOX, CBS, and CW


I’ve been a fitness expert for the last 20 years, and I am constantly looking for new innovations to improve the fitness, health, speed, and agility for me and my clients.

When I started using Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis activator I saw the results within the first week. Just so you know, when I workout, I go hardcore! With Oh!mino® I would play competitive basketball with everything that I had in me, and then I would have the energy to then hit the weight room and hit heavy rotations. In my 25 years of personal fitness, I was never able to do both. This product works…my muscle endurance, cardio endurance, and overall physicality improved so fast. For me, I took Oh!mino® just five minutes before workouts.

For my fitness clients, I saw dramatic results as well. My client “Suzie” is a health purist, so she used Oh!mino® Simulant Free Muscle Synthesis Activator. After just one month of both exercise and Oh!mino, she increased her lean muscle capacity to the point of losing 4% body fat, and 7 lbs of actual real fat.

My client “Steve” was in a rut. He was stuck at 22% body fat, and couldn’t get past 40lb dumbbells on the flat bench. In just 6 weeks, he moved up to 90lb dumbbells! That is more than 2x the strength before Oh!mino®. He also reduced his body fat to an outstanding 15.5%...In just 6 weeks.

All I can say about Oh!mino® is to stay consistent. Take it everyday, even on days that you don’t work out. Oh!mino® can decrease body fat, help you gain muscle, and help sustain muscle endurance.

Meet Noel Burkeen

NoelAs all of you know, I am very particular about supplement endorsements; especially when so many just seem like "marketing." I've been using Oh!Mino for an amazing amount of needed EAA's and for the Pre/Post Workout Essentials needed for muscle synthesis!! This stuff is OH!Mazing!!!

Meet Daffnee Cohen

I’ve been into health and fitness for most of my life. I always believe that health and fitness are simpler than we create. I rarely use supplements, powders, drinks, etc to enhance my fitness outside of standard dietary supplements. I believe in good clean food, good quality sleep, and movement!

DaffneeWhen I first started Oh!Mino, I was a little bit skeptical and wow, was I pleasantly surprised. The difference it made in my Crossfit workouts and in my overall recovery was actually hard to believe. I was in shock at not only how quickly it worked, but how effective it was.

I was able to lift heavier weight, recording new PRs each week, do harder longer workouts without being as winded, and recover from soreness faster than ever.

Amino acids are one of the basic building blocks for a healthy life. Whether you’re a serious athlete, yogi, or just need help staying hydrated and feeling focused, this product is a must (and again, I don’t recommend much if any of these sorts of products).

-Daffnee Cohen
Zumba Instructor
CEO/Full time worker

Meet Alec

Hello, My name is Alec and I’m a boxer and runner out of Boulder, CO. I’ve been working out and doing MMA for years, but the results I was getting out of my workouts completely changed when I switched from my normal protein and BCAA combo to OH!MINO. In just four weeks I'm feeling improvement! Glad I discovered this system.

Meet Alyssa

I absolutely love Oh!mino’s entire line of products. The fact that it is vegan and contains no artificial sweeteners or GMO’s is amazing. Plus it is zero calories, carbs or sugars. It tastes great too which is just an added bonus! I am a vegetarian so it’s harder for me to build muscle, but this supplement helps me do just that, as well as get all the necessary essential aminos that I need. I take it every single day now and refuse to go a day without it! I’ve honestly noticed such a big difference since I began taking Oh!mino. I have a lot more energy and endurance during my workouts. I take the caffeinated powder when I want that extra boost, and the stimulant-free version if it’s during the evening time so I don’t have issues falling asleep. I love the capsules as well and take those at night time or during my rest days. Oh!mino is a product I highly recommend to anyone wanting to seriously increase the quality of their workouts and get those desired results fast. It’s way more effective than a protein powder and definitely the best supplement I have ever used.

Thank you so much, Oh!mino!
—Alyssa Faith
San Diego, CA

 † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Leticia Dillon-Wensel
Husband uses daily - loves this flavor

Husband uses daily pre work out. This flavor is better than the original