3 Factors That Accelerate Muscle Loss

3 Factors That Accelerate Muscle Loss

This has been a strange year for fitness.

Our gyms were closed for several months. Then they opened back up.

And now…. They’re closing just as fast.

So with our normal routines flipped upside down (yet again), we’re going to share 3 factors that cause your body to eat away your hard-earned muscle.

  1. Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

Now is not the time to stop working out completely. After just two weeks of not exercising, your body will start to lose muscle (as well as store more fat, especially in your abs).

Long periods of not working out causes more muscle loss, your strength decreases, and your hormone levels decline. This results in a huge setback for when you do go back to the gym.

An easy fix is to still continue at home workouts. It doesn’t have to be crazy. Your goal now is to prevent muscular atrophy. 

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and you can hit all of the major groups - chest, arms, shoulders, back, and legs. 

If you don’t have DBs, then focus on bodyweight exercises. All you need is 30 minutes/day. Because the weight that you’re lifting is less than what you’d do at the gym, we recommend doing higher rep ranges (10-20) with minimal rest (30s-1minute).

  1. Too much inflammation

Systemic inflammation is largely caused by eating a lot of processed foods/fast food. 

When your body is inflamed, you’re nervous system goes into flight or fight mode. This produces a stress releasing hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is catabolic, which means it starts eating away muscle for fuel.

To prevent that, try to make a habit of eating lots of fruits, as well as cooking most of your meals at home, instead of ordering takeout everyday. 

P.S. Oh!mino has fully balanced electrolytes which helps balance your pH levels. This also helps reduce inflammation in your body.

    1. Essential Amino Acids

It’s not enough to supplement with any type of amino acids. There’s a certain ratio of all 9 essential amino acids that promotes the most muscle growth (and preventing muscle loss). 

Oh!mino is the only blend in existence with perfectly balanced essential amino acid ratios for optimal muscle and tissue repair.

Our patented formula cannot be found anywhere else. And taking all 9 essential amino acids is much more efficient than traditional BCAAs. Those only contain 3 amino acids, and those other 6 are crucial for muscle development.

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