Stay Fit With These Holiday Hacks!

Stay Fit With These Holiday Hacks!

Can you believe that the holiday season is officially kicking off this week! The holiday season — and all of the diet-breaking treats it entails — is now here. In today’s blog, we’re going to provide you with a few holiday hacks you can use to keep yourself fit and healthy over the holiday season.

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How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals sounds great in theory. You’re saving calories during one part of the day and then making up for them later, right? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Photograph of a holiday-themed table with plates and napkins.

The main issue with skipping meals is that you’ll get incredibly hungry throughout the day, especially if you won’t be eating until the evening. By the time your event starts, you’ll probably find yourself eating anything you can get your hands on. Moreover, skipping meals can slow your metabolism down and actually make it harder to lose weight. Instead of waiting to eat until a holiday party, keep yourself satiated with small snacks and healthy meals throughout the day.

Walk the Buffet

Whether you’re at a company party or a friend’s holiday gathering, taking a walk around the buffet table without a plate is a great way to set yourself up for success. You’re going to see sweet treats, carb-laden sides, and plenty of other unhealthy options — there’s no getting around that. But you’ll also see plenty of healthy options that you can eat without feeling guilty, and this is where you can plan ahead and pick out everything you’ll put on your plate.

Control Your Portions

Okay, so portion control might not sound like a hack at first. After all, it’s not always clear what the right portion of something is, especially if it’s been set out on a table at a holiday party. Even if you don’t have the nutrition facts of everything that’s on the menu, the order in which you fill up your plate can go a long way toward controlling your portions.

Start by filling up your plate with as many greens as you want. This takes up space and leaves you with less room for desserts and other nutrition-less snacks. Next, choose two proteins. Ideally, you’ll be choosing chicken, turkey, or another lean meat. Then, choose two sides. Maybe you’re a fan of classic mashed potatoes, or perhaps you can’t get enough of a certain relative’s green bean casserole. Whatever you choose, your plate should be getting full at this point and leaving you with less and less room for unhealthy items. It’s the holiday season, so use the remaining room on your plate to treat yourself to something sweet!

Choose Your Drinks Wisely Apple cider martini margarita with cinnamon and apple garnish, on white marble table

Did you know that the average American doubles their alcohol consumption during the holidays? Whether you enjoy spiked eggnog, cold beer, tasty cocktails, or straight spirits, you can bet that you’ll be consuming more of your drink of choice during the holidays.

In addition to compromising your immune system and potentially giving you a headache and nausea the next day, alcoholic drinks are filled with sugar and empty calories that won’t do your waistline any favors. Plus, another cookie or a slice of pie are much harder to resist once you’ve had a few drinks!

If you plan on indulging this holiday season, limit yourself to one or two drinks, and try to choose options that don’t have added sugar (we’re looking at you, eggnog!). Spiked seltzers are an excellent option, and dry red wines are also low in sugar and carbohydrates. If you’re not a fan or seltzers or wine, try to find a low-carb beer that won’t pack a significant caloric punch.

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