5 Fitness Tips For Your Inner Survivalist

5 Fitness Tips For Your Inner Survivalist

Hope you're Wednesday is going great.

Quick question: Are you into the doomsday prepping/survivalist space?

Apparently "prepping" (for zombie attacks,, foreign invasions, and aliens) is a 3.7 billion dollar industry.

(I'm starting to think that I'm in the wrong business!)


No matter how you feel about these people, I think that we can admit that our world is a bit weird right now.

So it doesn't hurt to be a little ready. 



I'm not here to sell you 100 cases of ammunition or canned food with a shelf life of 30 years. (Sorry!)

This is a fitness company after all.


Instead, I'd like to offer 5 fitness tips that'll supercharge your fitness and survival ability: 


1. Build A Strong Back:

The ability to generate power and force is important to any and every human.

Now power mainly comes from your hips and your back.

So you really want to pay attention to those shoulders and your lower back muscle.

Exercises such as pull-ups, bend over rows, and hyperextensions are all great for building a back that you can rely on.


2. Get Flexible:

The last thing you want to do in an emergency is pull a muscle because your body is as tense as a coiled spring!

While we don't recommend static stretches before your workouts...

Doing static stretches for 10-15 minutes at night before bed helps develop flexibility.

It also protects your muscles against the shrinkage that occurs during sleep. 


3. Develop Speed and Coordination:

Speed and coordination aren't just for pro athletes.

Being able to control your body with speed, smoothness, and precision, is an underrated attribute of fitness.


The best way to improve coordination is through sports and martial arts training.

Being able to constantly test yourself against live opponents, trains your body to respond quickly in high stress situations.


4. Develop Cardio and Stamina:

It's important to be able to be in a physical situation, without running out of breath in two seconds.

This is why cardio is a critical tenet of fitness.

A strong heart and lungs give you tons of benefits such as increased lung capacity and improved blood flow.

The simplest ways to develop stamina are with High-Intensity Interval Training, Fast-paced sports, long distance runnings, and breathing exercises. 


5. Get on Oh!mino:

As you may know, Oh!mino helps you with everything on this list.

Its superior formula provides all 9 essential amino acids and superior muscle hydration. 

This way you can get more out of each and every workout.

And you'll get better recovery during rest.

On top of that, it slows muscle atrophy so you'll always have the strength and endurance to get the job done.

It's our duty to protect ourselves. And some of us even have others to protect.

It's important to do our best in the gym/workout space, so we can be ready out there in the real world.


Even if you don't believe in some apocalypse, sharpening your fitness attributes is still a huge confidence booster!


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