5 Random (But Life-Changing) Fitness Tips

5 Random (But Life-Changing) Fitness Tips

5 Random (But Life-Changing) Fitness Tips

Fitness is all about consistency and routine. But there's always room for improvement!


Here are 5 lesser-known tips for getting the most out of your body.



1. Go Slower:

When you lift weights at a "normal" fast speed (which is way too fast), you tend to get some help from momentum.

If you really want to put your muscles to the test, then start doing your reps slower.


Slower workouts put your muscle under tension longer than quicker movements.


This results in greater muscle gain.


For extra credit, wait a full second on the start-points and contractions!



2. Doing Yoga:

Yoga has been around forever. And there's a reason for that.


It increases flexibility, prevents back pain, lowers stress...


and it can work hand in hand with your workouts to keep you feeling younger as you age.


A 5-10 minute routine in the morning (or at night before bed) can do wonders for your body mechanics over time. Personally, I opt for a 40 minute routine 5-6 days per week!



3. Checking Your Sleep Positions:

We all know that sitting for a long time can be bad for our posture and health.

But how often do we think about our posture during rest? We do sleep 8 hours a day after all.


Things such as:

  • Your sleep position
  • Your pillow
  • Your mattress
  • The direction you point your feet

...can all have physiological changes over time.


Now, there are tons of different sleep philosophies.


What matters is that you make sure your sleep isn't hurting your gains and posture.


For extra credit invest in a stand-up desk...doesn't help with sleep per se, but helps with posture (and as they say, "sitting is the new smoking.")



4. Hanging From A Pull-Up Bar:

Activities like sitting for a long time, sleeping in a poor position, or sleeping on soft mattress can cause our spines to compress.


Grabbing a pull-up bar with both hands and hanging from it for 1-2 minutes every morning can help decompress your spine. 


It also activates your lower ab muscles, improves grip strength, and forearms, and posture over time. 


And, if you don't have a pull-up bar, you can use a strong door frame....and many parks have fun things to hang on!



5. Train Your Neck:

Gym goers tend to train everything but the thing that keeps their head in place!


Athletes, especially boxers and MMA fighters, strengthen their necks for head stability.




So they're not easily knocked out or worse yet during sporting events. 


On top of that, your physique looks better with a strong neck.


You can find different neck workouts and equipment online.


We hope that these tips help you to take your fitness and physique to the next level! And don't forget that Oh!mino is not only the ultimate pre, intra, and post workout formula...it is also highly effective on your rest days!


Stay fit my friend!



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