Myth Buster #24 - The Value of the BMI

Myth Buster #24 - The Value of the BMI

I'm sure you learned about the Body Mass Index (BMI) in your health class.


But did you know about its origins? 


The BMI chart was made by Adolph Quetelet, a Belgian mathematician. NOT a physician.


Quetelet had a fascination with the average man and thought that the average weight of a man or woman, was their ideal body composition. Again, a mathematician's ideal, not a scientist!

This resulted in the invention of the BMI.

Problem is, the BMI was created for Europeans from 200 years ago, and was only recently reintroduced into mainstream society as a way to sell people insurance (based on weight risk).


While BMI isn't the best measure of health (especially if you're a body builder), it can still give the average person a ballpark estimate of where they should be weight wise.


But nowadays science has found a better indicator for overall health.


And, that is your waist.


The waist tells all. Having a high amount of body fat in the torso/mid-section is proven to increase the risk of all types of health conditions.


So, as long as that's taken care of, you shouldn't have to worry about your weight! So concentrate on your waist size....

We have many stories from Oh!mino users that their waist size is going down, while both the scale and BMI is indicating "overweight."

So...grab some Oh!mino! Build more muscle, reduce that waist, and let your mirror and all of the compliments on your body be your guide!


Stay fit my friend,


Founder & CEO



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