5 Reasons To Try Outdoor Workouts This Summer

5 Reasons To Try Outdoor Workouts This Summer

The summertime is the perfect time to get active and try new things.


Something you might want to try (if you haven't already) is exercising outside.


Here are 5 good reasons to try outdoor workouts this summer:



1. More Sunlight:

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor workouts over your indoor routine is the increased exposure to sunlight.


Sunlight gives you a lot of benefits like increasing vitamin D3, improving your circadian rhythms, and improving your immune system.


(Plus you can get a nice tan.)


But the sun is no joke. Remember to stay refreshed with water and electrolytes. and DON'T forget your sunblock!



2. Better Air:


The natural air outside is much fresher than the recycled air in the gym.


Our brains are very sensitive to air quality.


So being outdoors can actually improve your energy, mood, and other psychological functions. 




3. More time in Nature:


In our modern society, it's easy to spend way too much time indoors.


Being in nature is known to lower stress, improve mood, improve short-term memory, and boost mental clarity. 


Just think about it...


When we picture a stress-free environment, we think about a beach, or a mountain, or a lake.



4. Simple & Convenient: 


Training outside is free.

And you can always do it as long as the weather is fine.


With just body weight, a mat, a resistance band, or a kettlebell, you can burn fat and get stronger!



5. You Create New Skills and Experiences:


While working out in the gym feels rewarding, once we get in a routine, the time spent exercising seams to just "pass by".


And it becomes forgettable like our daily drive from work.


The variety of outdoor workouts available makes it easier to create a memorable experience.


On top of that, you can add new skills such as swimming, rock climbing, hiking, and cycling.


Plus it's much easier to get friends and family involved in the outdoors than spotting you on a bench press. 


Outdoor exercise is a great way to become a more well-rounded athlete while having a fun time doing it.


Now You:


Do you enjoy exercising in nature or are you committed to the indoors?

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