Are You Shrinking? Get Better Posture!

Are You Shrinking? Get Better Posture!

Bad posture is becoming more common than ever since most of us today are slouching with our shoulders hunched forward.

The reason is simple – a sedentary lifestyle, computers, and smartphones.

Plus, a bad posture can literally make you smaller shorter the difference between standing upright and slouching is .5 inches!

So how do you fix your posture?

The key to fixing bad posture is to strengthen your rear delt muscle by doing a couple of simple exercises.

1. Face pulls (using the cable machine)

2. Band pull aparts

By adding these two exercises into your routine, you’re going to see a massive improvement in your posture over time.

For the best results, perform each exercise a couple of times per week.

A simple routine to follow is to do face pulls for 3 sets of 10-15 after every pull day.

And do the band pull aparts on your push days.

If you're not familiar with band pull aparts. Just hold any type of workout band. Grab it about shoulder width apart and literally pull the band until your arms are extended 180 degrees.

The goal isn't to go insanely heavy to try to pack on size. Go low weight, and very slow reps to increase the time under tension.

You're doing these exercises to strengthen dormant muscles in your back that have been weakened from sitting at a desk all day.

Stay fit my friend,

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