Final Friday Favorites....But On The Final Day!!

Final Friday Favorites....But On The Final Day!!

Good Day & Welcome to March's "Final Friday Favorites" (nice alliteration!)...but on the Final Day of March (we've been very busy).

If this is your first read of this blog, each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you).

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here they are:


#5. Best Exercises For Back

Most people overlook the back. Too bad, because you will never get your ideal chest or arms if you neglect the back! I love educational posts that provide real and practical content for Oh!mino users. For this one we were curious which one was people's favorite. There wasn't a clear winner. Michael's favorite...Pullovers!




#4. Don't Lose Your Mojo Baby!

We have our fair share of Will Farrell posts....but Mike Myers as Austin Powers is a timeless classic! When you read "...Lose Your Mojo, Baby" we can all hear the British voice of Austin Powers...I'm sure many of you said this out loud....because that's "Totally Your Bag, Baby!"




When we launched Oh!mino in 2019, we launched with just three items: Oh!mino Tropical Splash Powder in both caffeinated and stimulant-free options, and Oh!mino stimulant-free capsules. we are 2-1/5 years later and last month we finally decided to offer Oh!mino capsules with caffeine!

Our capsules are so good for athletes who don't want to be water-logged while training and competing (if that's you, it's time to pick up some capsules!).

One of our Pro-Body Builders combines the capsules with the powders pre-workout....he calls it immediate and timed-released Oh!mino!

So yes, having this in our Top-3 Blog is self serving....but we wanted to be abundantly clear that this is now available to all!





#2. A Story From Anonymous?

We love it when our users send in their Oh!mino testimonials...or better yet, comment with their stories on our post or paid ads. This one came without any we are thankful for the story....if it's from you, please reply so we know who it is!

This person lost 60 pounds and is working out hard five days a week with heavy lifting (our kind of person!).

We love that he takes our capsules with our powders (we call this timed-released Oh!mino).

We love to hear your stories....keep them coming!





1. Are You A Fitness Professional?

In case you don't know, we have a professional program for trainers, gym owners, coaches, etc. They can provide discount codes to their clients and receive monthly commission checks....or become a reseller of Oh!mino. If this is you, just send us an email at so we can schedule a call to discuss which option would work best for you! 






So that's it for March's Final Favorites. We hope you enjoyed them....and if you haven't done so, please share your story about Oh!mino with others! Better yet, take a picture of you with Oh!mino and tag us! We call this a Healthy Selfie!

Now get out there and work it!


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