Avoid Push-Ups Until You Read This!

If you’re a newbie in the gym, you might feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing…except you.
And it’s no wonder you’re thinking that.
Most of the regular gym visitors are visibly strong.
You know, the guys with huge arms, chest, and shoulders doing some crazy push-up variations…
But that’s not the whole picture.
What you don’t see is that many of them have a more or less serious case of muscle imbalance.
Meaning they’re often in pain and far away from achieving their full potential.
But why does that happen?
In short, muscle imbalance happens when you train hard without a solid plan.
Hard work is necessary, but it’s not enough unless you know what you’re doing.
And most people don’t have a clue; they’re just going with the flow and making some progress along the way.
But they’re also causing a ton of damage to their bodies.
So, if you want to avoid their mistakes and build a healthy, good-looking body, hear me out.
You see, there are two basic types of exercise in weight lifting and bodyweight training: push and pull exercises.
Push exercises are, for example, push-ups or bench and shoulder presses.
The problem is that many people focus exclusively on these three.
Case in point – you probably know someone who does 100, 200, or even 500 push-ups a day and nothing else.
The result?
They end up with rounded shoulders and a horrible posture.
Not to mention the risk of shoulder, wrist, or elbow injury.
So what’s the solution?
Just add some pull exercises to get a balanced physique and healthy posture.
There are many pull exercises, but some popular ones are:
  • Pull-ups
  • Barbell rows
  • Machine rows
You’ll notice that all of them are working your back.
That’s because your back is the primary muscle group involved in pull movements.
But they’re also working your biceps and shoulders.
So if you combine them with various push exercises, you’re going to build a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing physique.
And more importantly, you’ll avoid injuries and bad posture.
Stay fit my friend!
Founder & CEO
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