Doubling Down on Final Friday Favorites

Doubling Down on Final Friday Favorites

Good Day - and welcome to our double edition of Final Friday Favorites...

Each month, I look at all of our posts and pick my Five Favorites.......but given that in May we ran a Memorial Weekend Sales Event, I paused May's this month you get both May and June!


Consider this like your favorite "Double Album" (remember when those were big before CDs?....Good Bye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John goes down as my favorite double album...but I digress)....

So, it's double the fun with 5 favorites from May and 5 from June.

Let the countdown begin...


May 2021


#5 The Anchor Man's Wisdom

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell....and personally, I workout and live really healthy until....the weekend. Not that I am crazy on weekends, but a homemade artisan pizza is my weekend cheat!


#4 Cut The Crap!

I love this one because it reminds me of my Mother...and Mother's Day was in May. My mom was a nurse practitioner....and a red head. There was no my Mom. I remember many times when she would say to me, my brother, or even our friends to "cut the crap"....oh those memories!



#3 No No No Not In My House

Is it just me or do insurance companies make the best commercials? This one features Dikembe Mutombo from an insurance commercial, but "repurposes" him for our post not to skip the gym....and now that they are open, Do Not Skip The Gym!


#2 Renegade Row

This post features one of my favorite dumbbell exercises....the Renegade Row. From the plank position you perform single upright rows. To make it more interesting: 1) Start in the standing position. 2) Go down to plank position, 3) Do a push up, 4) Then single renegade rows, 5) Then squat all the way back up, 6) Then lastly do a military is kind of a burpee with turbo power!


#1 Jerry Rice Quote

Most consider Jerry Rice the best wide receiver to play in the NFL. I go even farther and believe he is the best player to ever play....period. His reputation for working harder in practice, both on and off the field, are legendary! This quote should be printed and hung from every locker room and business in our Country: "Today I will do what other's won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't."

And now we move on to June!


#5 Be stronger than your strongest excuse!

Not much to comment here....I think we all get in our own way of success from be stronger!


#4 Go Slow!

I have been preaching this for years...concentrate on your form. Fast contractions, hold the flex, then  s l o w  return to the starting position! It's as simple as that!


#3 Focus on waist size

In a past blog, we debunked the BMI, a body measurement that is just a math formula created by a Dutch mathematician (not a scientist or doctor). It gives a false obesity rating to most professional body builders and athletes!

Also - weight is not an accurate measurement either. Muscle weighs more than the scale is not the right tool for an athlete's body assessment .

For me, I have been gaining muscle for the past few years, so my weight is up a bit....but my waste size went down. That's how you measure success!


#2. Yeah, If Thursday could be Friday....

When this was posted it gave me a great LOL moment. What a great movie! And what a funny character! When you see this post, can you hear the actors voice? I sure can!


#1. Batman Bit** Slaps Robin

This too received quite a response! Our most engaging post of June (so far). Many laughing emojis....What is a rest day? Sure if you are sick....or some kind of life event happens (yes, I rested on Father's Day). Now, I am not saying EVERYONE needs to train every day...but stay active EVERYDAY.....walk your yoga....some chores.....just keep moving!


Well, that's it for May and June 2021. This year is flying by and there is great optimism. Thanks to all for your continued use and support of Oh!mino.


Stay fit my friends!



Founder & CEO

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