5 Tips For Naturally Increasing Testosterone

5 Tips For Naturally Increasing Testosterone

Testosterone is an important fitness hormone for BOTH men AND women.
It increases muscle growth, energy, focus, and more.
But for various reasons (such as aging, diet, and lifestyle choices) T levels (testosterone levels) are dropping in the modern world.
And building it gets tougher the older you get.
So, here are 5 simple tips to naturally increase your testosterone levels for better performance!

1. Use Less Plastic and Receipt Paper:

This can be a huge chore, but there's a lot of evidence that plastic is a damaging xenoestrogen. Aka a hazardous pseudo-hormone.
Many plastics (and even your receipt paper from the grocery store) contain an industrial chemical named bisphenol A (BPA).
BPA is a known hormone disruptor.
BPA exposure can be limited by eating whole foods. And by storing food and drinks in glass containers. (FYI - Our Oh!mino shaker bottle is BPA free!)
And if you want to take it further, you can opt for digital (or no) receipts at the store.
Because chemicals can still be absorbed through the skin.

2. Reduce Sugar & Processed Carbs:

Diets high in sugar and processed carbs can put your body on a hormonal rollercoaster.
High amounts of sugar can suppress T levels.
While also increasing inflammation and cortisol levels.
This can be avoided by eating quality carbs such as whole grains and vegetables.

3. Eat More Healthy Fats:

Low-fat diets are shown to reduce T levels.
You'll want to increase your intake of quality fats and omega-3 fatty acids.
There are many different fatty foods, so do your research.
And choose what works best for you. Personally I love the taste of Olive Oil...but also use Avocado Oil in recipes where Olive Oil might be too heavy.

4. Avoid Soy:

Moderate amounts of soy can be okay.
But in the modern world, we consume way too much.
Soy is in every snack that you can think of.
The fact about soy is that it is considered a phytoestrogen that negatively affects testosterone levels.
Most foods that contain soy also contain soybean oil.
Which is toxic on so many levels (cognitive, cardiovascular, hormonal, etc.)
So there's no real reason to eat it regularly ladies & gentlemen.

5. Increase Strength:

Being strong and muscular leads to increased testosterone levels.
And fortunately, increased testosterone leads to greater muscle gains.
Strength training creates a positive loop of more energy, more confidence, and greater health!
I hope these tips allow you to improve your T levels for greater fitness (and life) results.

Stay fit my friend,
Founder & CEO

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