Final Friday Favorites April 2022

Final Friday Favorites April 2022

Good Day & Welcome to April's "Final Friday Favorites" (nice alliteration!)!

If this is your first read of this blog, each month we do a Final Friday Favorites where we publish a blog identifying our five favorite social posts (either from us or from you.)

To make our five favorites, there is only one requirement....Did Michael, our Founder & CEO, think it was worthy based on his own secretive criteria....well, it's his company, so here they are:


#5. A Trick Question About Squats

So many people judge others workout technique. So please stop. For squats, the purpose is to build the quads along with the complementary benefits to the knees/tendons. 

For some with knee injuries of the past, they can't go deep into the squat, but they still can build up those quads! The main point here is to do squats! It is your biggest muscle and will burn more fat in the next 48 hours than any other muscle. 




#4. Choose Your Fighter (big plug on our new Caffeinated Capsules)

In case you didn't know, we added caffeinated capsules to the Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator line-up. This is a fun "boxing" a "tale of the tape (if not a boxing fan, a long metaphor to explain). Ideally, they make a great combo for day-time and night-time use....very versatile. We are working on a combo deal for both of them. If interested, just email us at and we will send you the promotional link.

EEAs caffeianted



#3. Have You Met Arnold?

I love memes, especially about fitness icons like Arnold. And being from California we have a certain bias for our former Governor...or as we say our "Governorator"!!  And if you love "supersets" - Friday is your best day since all the "Girly-Men" are taking Friday don't fall into the temptation of taking Fridays and weekends off! You know better!


Arnold BCAAs and EAAs 



#2. Do Something Today!

Many of our posts are meant to be inspirational. To give you a bit of a nudge in you fitness journey. This one from Caitlyn hits the mark:

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Exercise isn't just "medicine for the day"....but for a lifetime. The benefits of exercise has been studied for decades!

Do something exercise BCAAs Essential Amino Acids EEAs fitness



1. BIG PLUG - New Flavor Alert!

In case you didn't know, this week we launched our new Berry Blast Flavor....both in caffeinated and stimulant-free options. This new flavor tastes great....and, when you mix our original tropical splash with the berry blast, it will blow you away. So if you didn't like our Tropical have to try Berry Blast!

Berry Blast BCAAs aminos EAAs essential amino acids



So, that's it for April's Final Favorites. It's hard to believe that in two days it is May! For many, May is the kick-off to summer. Are you ready for summer?

We hope you enjoyed this blog....and if you haven't done so, please share your story about Oh!mino with others! Better yet, take a picture of you with Oh!mino and tag us! We call this a Healthy Selfie!

Now get out there and work it!

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