Monday MythBuster #32 - Heavy Weights Will Bulk You Up?

Monday MythBuster #32 - Heavy Weights Will Bulk You Up?

Beginners are sometimes avoiding heavy weights.

They think heavy weights will make them bulky so they opt for lighter weights and calisthenics to avoid becoming overly muscular.

And then there’s the other group who think heavy weights are the best way to build huge muscle…

So they train only in 1-5 rep range.

But that’s not how muscle growth works.

Heavy weights will make you strong and they WILL build some muscle, but not too much.


Because heavy weights are, first and foremost, training your nervous system to respond better.

You see, your brain is sending electrical signals to your muscles.

And the better your nervous systems gets in transmitting the signal, the heavier weight you’ll be able to lift.

In other words, you don’t need big muscles to lift heavy.

You need an efficient nervous system.

And that’s why your muscles won’t grow that much if you’re only lifting heavy weights in 1-5 rep range.

But what if you want to build huge muscle?

If heavy weights are NOT the best way to go, what should you do to get bigger (besides eating the right diet)?

It’s simple – lift lighter weights.

How much lighter?

At about 60% of your one-rep max so you can lift it for 6-12 reps in each set.

Training in this rep range shows the best results in terms of muscle growth compared to both 1-5 and 12+ rep range.

Between 6 and 12 reps your muscles are under the right amount of stress.

Just enough stress to stimulate hypertrophy without causing too much damage to the muscle.

So if you’re training for hypertrophy, this is how you’ll get there.

But if you were previously avoiding heavy weights so you don’t get bulky, don’t worry…

Heavy weights “only” make you stronger.

Stay fit my friend,

CEO & Founder


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