Final Friday Favorites: February '21

Final Friday Favorites: February '21

Good Day and welcome to Final Friday Favorites....February '21's edition.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites.
February picked up where January left off....and while for most of the world, their resolutions for the year have now dried up....not you!
You don't need resolutions!
You are committed to fitness!
So here are February Final Friday Favorite Five (love alliterations....see how got up to five!)
5. Take A Rest
The concept of rest and recovery often go undiscussed with the fitness culture (those who aren't fit are too familiar with rest if you ask me!)
For me, I never hit the same muscle group two days in a row. I always give muscle groups rest....however, I also "keep moving and active."
For the ultimate rest....if you can mange, a 20 minute weekend nap is the best!
4. Dumb bell push-ups
I love this exercise. Did you know that if you could only do one exercise, push-ups are the most complete and efficient exercise you could do. When performed correctly, the literally involves every muscle group! Chest, back, arms, core, legs...everything in one move. I love adding the dumb bell for more challenge. You can also try push-ups while keeping your legs on a bench.
3. Lunge Forward
Don't forget leg days. I said it! Too many athletes don'e pay attention to their legs (I think we all have seen some very muscular dudes with chicken legs). BUT, don't stop at front back and side lunges, squats, calf raises and dead lifts. Work them legs!
2. Send an ambulance
Ever have that day where you crush it? More plates, more reps....And maybe added an extra set? LOVE THESE DAYS.....and with Oh!mino they happen so much more often!
1. Dumb bell love!
This is simply my favorite workout equipment and method. Dumb bells are safe (no need for spotter, just drop the weights if in a pickle), effective and versatile. They have been my preferred method since 2008. I still have other equipment, but by far, I have a serious relationship with my dumb bells.
That's it for February. Keep engaging with our posts...and keep spreading the word!

Have a great March..and mark on your calendars that the last Friday in March we will have another FINAL FRIDAY FIVE FAVORITES.


- And lastly -
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