Oh!mino...A Beauty Product!

Oh!mino...A Beauty Product!

You may think that it's ridiculous to call Oh!mino a beauty product. But hear me out...


The beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

Full of promises of lifelong beauty and youth.

But science says that the best anti-aging isn't special lotions.

Or magic pills and potions.


The best way to age well is actually by building lean muscle.


Yup the fountain of youth was in your workout equipment all this time. Who would've known!


Now, why is building muscle important?


Because when we age, we experience Sarcopenia.


This is when muscle loss increases as a result of decreased testosterone and other factors....and if you are not hitting the gym regularly, you will lose muscle every year!


This muscle loss causes less mobility and a decrease in bone density. Two conditions that make us age faster than we need to...


On the inside and the outside....


In fact, Men over the age of 30 are at risk of losing about 3% to 5% muscle mass per decade (again, if you are not hitting the gym....couch potatoes beware!)


Simply put, the best way to decelerate aging, is to build more lean muscle.


This is exactly why I launched Oh!mino!

Our patented amino acid complex not only allows men and women of all ages to:

  • Grow Muscles faster
  • Reduce Joint Inflammation
  • and Pump The Brakes on Muscle Loss


...but it also leaves out things that hurt your body like excessive sugar, cholesterol, and artificial dyes!

Ingredients that are commonly found in most workout supplements.


Oh!mino is why a 56 year old diabetic like me can run a business, hit the gym 6 days a week, and be a full-time husband/father without skipping a beat.


So now you see how Oh!mino can help you age gracefully.


However, we don't only exist to maximize your looks.

Oh!mino is here to help you maximize your life. 



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