Final Friday Favorites - January '21

Final Friday Favorites - January '21

Good Day and welcome to 2021's first Final Friday Favorites.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites.
The month of January has been great! Many new customers based on New Year Resolutions. Did you know that statistically, most have already given up on their resolutions?
For Oh!mino users it is different. Oh!mino users are already committed to fitness and take their personal goals seriously. With Oh!mino, who needs resolutions!
But let's get to our Final Friday Favorites Top 5:


5. Benefits of Lysine

As mentioned in the past, factual science driven posts do well with you! Lysine is often overlooked as an amino acid, but it is essential. It is part of our patented amino acid complex. Additionally, if you are prone to cold sores, it will help reduce the risk of getting them in the first place!


4. Have you met Shearill Brown?

When I saw this post it brought a smile to my face. This man is such a great father, coach, business man, and all-over cool guy (the kind that you can loose time while sharing a pint). It also reminded me to give the guy a call. Shearill - it's been too long my friend!


3. Dear Abs, I will find you....

Love the movie reference. I'll take it a step further, Oh!mino has certain skills....and with these skills we make your workouts better....we will find you...and make you stronger and help build more muscle.


2. What happens when you do the frog pose?....

Again - you love the science....and from our founder, "I AM A SCIENCE GEEK" (his words, not ours). This was the top engaging post...more shares, likes, discussion. So why not number 1 this month????



1. Have you met Antonio Brown?

When our founder discovered that Washington's Rookie Running Back Antonio Brown was not only tearing it up, but an Oh!mino user, he was off the charts hyper. I mean...every one he met he would say "Have you seen Antonio's stats this know he uses Oh!mino..." Antonio was in Rookie Of The Year discussions until he missed a few games with turf toe. But, if you want to see why his nickname is "The Weapon," just read his stats from this year's Thanksgiving Day Game against the Dallas Cowboys....let's just say fans call him "The Weapon,"and the Cowboys called him "The Nightmare."


Have a great February...and mark on your calendars that the last Friday in February we will have another FINAL FRIDAY FAVORITES.


- And lastly -
if you want free-shipping, join our BFF auto ship program in February and not only will you get the free shipping, but you will get 5% off, and even more with multiple bottle purchases....and you get a complimentary Oh!mino hat!!
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