Final Friday Favorites - July 2021

Final Friday Favorites - July 2021

Good day and welcome to Final Friday Favorites....July '21's edition.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites.
So here are July's Final Friday Favorite Five:
5. Happy Friday

This post is simple and straight to the point! Hitting it hard on Monday is a piece of cake...but to hit Friday with that same mojo!....after a week of work, family, stress, obligations, and four kick-ass workouts in the week. To this, I tip my hat!
For those who do Final Friday Failures (taking all your muscle groups to complete failure), I salute you!  
4. Do You Wanna Workout?

Who doesn't love Disney? I see this meme and I instantly sing along. Having two daughters...and seeing everything Disney brings back so many fond memories.
3. They're Great!

I love it when the Oh!mino community engages with our ads and posts. This one comes from Ramon. Instead of just liking our facebook ad (which we love when you do!), he posts a gif of Tony The Tiger with the legendary voice, "They're Great!" cool is that!

GRATUITOUS PLUG: When you see our ads or posts, please like, love, or better yet...share your story! Or something fun!

2. Have You Met Seth?

Just like the above #3, this is an Oh!mino User that shared his story in one of our Facebook Ads. His name is Seydel, but he goes by Seth... and he is built like a Mac Truck! Again, we love it when Oh!mino users engage with our ads and posts. Seth - thank you so much! 

GRATUITOUS PLUG #2: When you see our ads or posts, please like, love, or better yet...share your story with a picture. Better yet, with a picture of you and Oh!mino.

1. Happy Independence Day....and Happy Birthday Frankie!

Given the events in 2020, we all were pretty much ripped off from Independence Day fun. This year, I think our 4th of July made up for it three-fold. I don't know about your neighborhoods, but ours was constant firecrackers from 4pm to 1am. It felt good to celebrate.

Additionally, our family Pug (Frankie) was born on the Fourth of it is fun to dress her up for the celebrations. I bet our pug is cuter than yours! If not, please share pics!

That's it for July. Keep engaging with our posts...and keep spreading the word!

Have a great August..and mark your calendars that the last Friday in August we will have another FINAL FRIDAY FIVE FAVORITES.

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