Four Tips for Deeper Sleep

Four Tips for Deeper Sleep

Four Tips For Deeper Sleep

Do you want to be as strong as a bull, as energetic and fast as a panther, and have a clear mind all day?

Well, how you feel during your awake time is determined by how well you slept the night before.

When it comes to sleep quality, your sleeping routine and pre-bed habits are crucial.

Lack of sleep is well-known for causing attention problems, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety, as well as being a cause of a variety of illnesses.

Of course, the body's functions can not perform properly or effectively if you don't get enough sleep.

Higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol are generated when you stay up late.

Increased insulin resistance, blood pressure, and a cause for binge eating of fast foods are all issues caused by sleep deprivation.

As a result, this is a leading contributor for weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Due to the adequate overall recovery of the body during sleep, proper sleep is directly related to improvements in health, mood, stress perception, and environmental awareness, as well as sports results (and if you haven't tried six capsules of Oh!mino at bedtime, you are missing out! Best time for recovery is when you sleep...right?)

Since we can confidently assert that sleep is necessary, here are four tips to get a better night's sleep.

1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption - even though alcohol is a depressant and could help you fall asleep, it severely impacts the quality of sleep. This means you will unlikely reach the REM stage which is where recovery occurs.

2. Meditation - this helps to clear your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. With a clearer mind and less thoughts running through your brain before bed, you'll find it much easier to fall asleep quickly

3. Avoid Blue Light Before Bed - while many of our work lives revolve around our phones, it can negatively impact our sleeping patterns. The general rule is to put away your phone an hour before bed. 

4. Use an Air Purifier - a quality purifier will reduced dust, smoke and allergens or irritants. By providing clean air in the sleep breathing zone, you'll notice waking up feeling more refreshed each morning.

Another bonus tip is to supplement with Oh!mino stimulant-free  before bed. Your body will recover quicker and you'll notice less drowsiness during the day...and feel more refreshed upon waking.

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