Go With Oh!mino

Go With Oh!mino
If you want to go fast, go alone.
if you want to go far, go together.
If you want to go far and fast, Go with Oh!mino
Hi Friend,
Can you believe we are in the back half of August? The 8th month of the year. 
It felt like we were just making resolutions and lighting fireworks. 
Then 2020 started to go haywire. And now here we are!
Nearing the 4th quarter. 
But today's message isn't about the Calendar.
It's about YOU.. 
Your fitness goals may have been sidetracked this year. For one reason or another. 
But I'm here to tell you that it's not too late. 
You can get great results because you have a secret weapon!
You have the power of...
Here's why it will work for you.
Your muscles are in a constant state of change.
At any given time, you are either in atrophy (muscle decline).
Or you're in muscle synthesis (muscle growth).
The graph below is a good visual representing the fact that when your body is at rest, your muscles are in decline.
But, when you rest or exercise with Oh!mino, your muscles are always in growth mode!
This is because the patented amino acid complex found in Oh!mino, has been found to be 11 times more effective at achieving muscle proteins synthesis than whey protein.
If you start now, you can make these next 4 months a turning in point in your life. 
Let's gain more momentum in 2020 as we look ahead to 2021 with momentum and confidence!
Stay Fit My Friend!
Founder & CEO