Mythbuster Monday: The Myth Of Whey Protein

Mythbuster Monday: The Myth Of Whey Protein

When compared to whey protein, Oh!mino’s Muscle Synthesis Activator Complex is 11 times more effective at promoting protein synthesis.

On average, a 20 gram serving of whey protein contains eight to 10 grams of essential amino acids.

Whey protein has gained its superior reputation against other protein sources such as soy, casein, or eggs, in part because of this relatively high essential amino acid content and its high BCAA content.

However, when whey protein is compared to Oh!mino's essential amino acid content per scoop, one serving of Oh!mino is equivalent to over 30 grams of protein – three times more essential amino acids than whey protein.* And Oh!mino is optimized to have the exact ratios of essential amino acids that have been studied for optimal muscle synthesis.

Additionally, ideal muscle synthesis occurs when there are free amino acid concentrations in the plasma, which is lessened by the caloric properties of whey protein.

With regards to BCAAs, the lack of the other six essential amino acids have proven to be insufficient for optimal muscle synthesis. A recent study found that “ingesting BCAAs alone, without the other EAA, provides limited substrate for muscle protein synthesis.

Not only does Oh!mino contain all nine essential amino acids ideal for protein synthesis, but as mentioned our formula is also balanced in the appropriate ratios. Furthermore, the other included factors in Oh!mino’s complex help speed up recovery, reduce inflammation from overexertion, and enhance absorption.

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