Monday MythBuster #3: Eating At Night Makes You Fat!

Monday MythBuster #3: Eating At Night Makes You Fat!


Welcome to another episode of MythBuster Mondays! 

Today's myth is one that's all too common. 

It's the myth that eating at night gets stored as fat.

This myth is dangerous because a lot of us can get big cravings at night. 

If we can't even enjoy our favorite snacks at night, it'll lead to discouragement. 


Well...there's no need to feel discouraged!

Because all that matters in weight loss (or gain) is the amount of calories you consume vs the amount of calories you use. 

This means that you could fast all day, and eat all of your calories at night and you'd still be able to achieve your fitness goals!

However, you want to make the most of every calorie. Consume the calories that are nutritious and that you enjoy.

This is where Oh!mino comes in. Oh!mino is made with ZERO calories. And zero sugar. So, you can throw it into your food program, without sacrificing your favorite foods. 

You don't want to pass over your favorite foods because your pre-workout took up your calories for the day.

Not to mention its special formula is made with all the essential amino acids AND nutritious herbs for muscle development and recovery. 

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