Welcome To Our First Edition of "Final Friday's Five Favorites"

Welcome To Our First Edition of "Final Friday's Five Favorites"

Good Day!

Today is our first edition of "Final Friday Favorites."

On the final Friday of each month, we will unveil our five favorite social posts, interactions, recipes, memes,....you get it!

For this month, we will be concentrating on our Favorite-5 social posts. 

Hats off to our social team and our email team that participated in the posts selected this month. Next month we will be opening it up to all post AND engagement....and who knows, maybe next month's Final Friday's Five Favorites will feature you!

So here are the Final Friday's Five Favorites"

5. On Friday We Flex.........It's Kind Of A Big Deal

What is not to love when you feature SNL Alumni Will Ferrell! While I am not stating that The Anchorman is fine cinema, it is is LOL funny. So why not use that as a fun reminder to "Flex on Friday"

4. Panax Ginseng

The reason for this selection is that it captured top 2% engagement, by delivering education. So this is really my hats off to you for wanting to learn more.


3. If you want to go fast, go alone.

This one motivated me, and by its response, it motivated you too! So let go far together with Oh!mino.

2. 20x More Effective Than BCAAs

This is an oldie but goodie. Kind of like classic rock....a great tune you have heard before, but can never hear too much of. Also...there will be a remake of this. New research has come out indicating that when BCAAs are included with the other 6 Essential aminos that is now shown to be 50% more effective. 

And now for our number 1 Final Friday Favorites:

1. Don't Wish For a Good Body. Wok For It!

Another motivational post, but with a great photo of a lady that has worked for it! 

The bottom line is that we offer the best pre, intra, and post workout performance supplement that you can find....however, you still need to put the work in. 

I hope you enjoyed our first edition of FINAL FRIDAY's FIVE FAVORITES. Remember, next month we will be very proactive in evaluating on next Friday's Five....so we challenge you to create some award-winning posts.

Stay fit my friend!
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