Monday MythBuster #16: Can You Stay Fit With Just 15 Minutes Per Day?

Monday MythBuster #16: Can You Stay Fit With Just 15 Minutes Per Day?

Welcome to another episode of MythBuster Mondays!

We all love the gym.

However I know that some people don't have the time to lift heavy things for hours.

Especially during this holiday season.

So what's an alternative?


Short, high-intensity interval training. (HIIT)

Now some fitness "ex-sperts" say that this doesn't work.

They say that you need at least an hour of pumping iron to see results.

But Is this true?




It's viable to stay fit with a few minutes a day.

  1. As long as the work outs are intense.
  2. And as long as you keep the rest periods short.

HIIT/body weight workouts help with flexibility and body control.

They're great if you want to maintain a lean figure. Without spending hours at the gym.


lifting weights will always be king when it comes to building muscle.

I suggest that you combine both for peak fitness.




No matter how you workout, it's important that you feel like a champion doing so. 


We only have so much time on earth, so it's important to get the most out of each and every precious minute.

This is where Oh!mino comes in!


Our proven formula: 

  • Boosts Workout Performance
  • Speeds Up Post-Workout Recovery
  • Increases Muscle Hydration
  • Relieves Stiffness
  • Is Sugar-Free
  • Creates 11x more muscle than whey protein and 20x more than BCAAs
  • Drastically reduces muscle loss


So whether you're bench pressing for bigger biceps...

or doing lunges for beautifully defined calves...


Oh!mino helps get you to your dream results. Faster and safer.

Want to take your body to the next level?

Or do you have friends and family getting into fitness?

Change the conversation & spread the word!


Stay fit my friend!


Founder & CEO



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